Now there’s an option for investigators and examiners that need access to the most challenging mobile phones in critical cases.

XRY supports the extraction of data from tens of thousands of mobile device profiles and app versions, but there are always some devices that can’t be extracted with standard cables and methods.

With Access Services, MSAB forensic experts use advanced, forensically sound techniques to extract and decrypt the data from selected devices — evidence that would otherwise be unattainable, and which could mean the difference between solving a case or not. These services – now with a proven track record of success in a number of critical investigations and cases — will give you access to selected phone models and chipsets.

Example models supported:

  • Samsung S7-S10, A10-A50, various A, J and more

  • Samsung Galaxy S8/9/10/20 device

  • Samsung Qualcomm

  • Huawei

  • LG Qualcomm

  • Other Android phones

MSAB Access Services are delivered in one of our secure MSAB forensic facilities using forensically sound techniques and with written documentation of all steps. In selected special cases, service may be able to take place on site at a customer facility. Customers using MSAB Access Services will receive an XRY file containing all recovered data, alongside return of the device for safe custody.

For more information on MSAB Access Services and to discuss specific phones supported and service details, please contact us by submitting the form below