Released Today – XRY 10.5.1: Introducing Broad Support for UNISOC Chipsets, Expanded Device Support, and Much More


We are happy to announce the latest release of XRY – XRY 10.5.1. This version represents a significant advancement in our commitment to providing you with powerful tools for efficient digital forensic data extraction and decoding. 


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With XRY 10.5.1, we have focused on empowering forensic investigators with an array of new features and improvements to enhance the efficiency of their investigations.   

 Here are some of the most exciting features from XRY 10.5.1:


  • Massive Breakthrough: Broad Support for UNISOC chipsets

With the new release comes a massive breakthrough for the mobile forensics industry. XRY Pro now offers broad support for UNISOC chipsets, allowing you to dump, bruteforce and decode at record speed a wide range of Unisoc chipsets. 

Unisoc (formerly Spreadtrum), a rapidly growing semiconductor company, is the fourth largest mobile processor manufacturer in the world with 11% of the global market share. Their chipsets are powering some of the budget phones produced by players such as Nokia, realme, ZTE, Motorola, and more recently, Samsung. The added support for Unisoc chipsets in XRY Pro is a giant leap forward for better and more comprehensive digital investigations, taking your data extraction capabilities to a whole new level.  

We are proud to get this powerful functionality into your hands with the new release, as the advanced access it provides will translate into more crimes being solved a lot faster. 

Learn more about how to use this groundbreaking new feature. We’ve covered it in detail in this episode from our #MSABMonday series of tutorials. 

How to access broad BFU support for Unisoc chipsets with XRY Pro? 


  • Expanded Device Support: Over 44.200 devices supported 

Today’s XRY 10.5.1 brings significant extraction and decoding capabilities to more mobile devices, with the total number of supported device profiles exceeding 44,200, including 456 apps and over 4,384 app versions. 


  • Improved Support for Google and Instagram Warrant Returns

XRY 10.5.1 expands on the level of support for Google Warrant Returns through added support for Google Transactions and chat message attachments. Moreover, MSAB is pleased to introduce further support for Instagram Warrant Returns by extending our capabilities to include audio attachments, list of contacts, calls, and service messages on Instagram. 


  • New: Import support for .ufd legacy iOS extraction format

We’re pleased to say XRY 10.5.1 now supports importing the .ufd legacy iOS extraction format. You can import legacy and CLBX via the device profile “Cellebrite iOS Import”. 


Don’t settle for conventional digital forensic solutions when you can embrace excellence with XRY 10.5.1 

We take great pride in unveiling our newest release, which is a considerable step forward for better investigations in the ever-evolving field of digital forensics. This release represents far more than a mere upgrade; it stands as a transformative force that will simplify your operations and help you solve more crimes faster. 

For a complete description of all updated product capabilities and supported devices and apps, download the latest product releases and Release Notes by logging in to the “Client login” section of the MSAB Customer Portal.