The rise of cloud computing and why you need to take it seriously

Today, the cloud assists organizations in making data-driven decisions to prevent crime and protect the vulnerable, to offer a seamless experience for the public with more credible and richer intelligence, all while maintaining public trust.

Faster, safer and more efficient, cloud services offer great new opportunities for mobile forensics.

As policing becomes increasingly digitized and public cloud platforms mature, the cloud is seen as an essential tool in driving innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

Giving officers on the frontline the latest technology at their fingertips in addition to transforming the way crime is reported and data is managed makes it easier to collaborate with agencies around the world to help tackle the challenges of borderless crime.

However, few government agencies and legal authorities with the need to analyze huge amounts of data have yet to take the step to cloud computing.

In this guide, we will outline the benefits of cloud computing and how it will impact the mobile forensics industry. We will also look at what future opportunities will arise once 5G becomes standard.