Taking an “Ecosystem approach” to mobile forensics

Mobile device processing backlogs can be a nightmare for investigators. As police agencies encounter an increasing number of cases where mobile devices contain critical evidence, everything is often still sent to a lab and cases don’t move forward.

The need for cost effectiveness, speed, efficiency, consistent processes, data quality and forensic integrity are the same challenges faced by law enforcement agencies regardless of their specific missions or locations.

Having the right tools in the right places and linking mobile forensic resources – both people and tools – provides multiple benefits and can alleviate the situation.

An Ecosystem approach puts the right mobile forensic tools in the right places with the right people and training. This approach helps organizations unlock the full potential of mobile forensics to help them fulfill their missions.

In this whitepaper we will highlight how taking an ecosystem approach can help eliminate processing backlogs, improves the speed and effectiveness of investigations, provides oversight and reporting that managers need for efficient, high performance operations and ensures the consistent quality of digital evidence through the use of custom-designed workflows and processes.