How Did That Photo Get on That iPhone: Media Attribution for iOS 

Photos and videos are an integral part of our daily lives, and they are often used as evidence in legal proceedings, such as criminal investigations or civil lawsuits. The content of a photo or video can reveal a lot of information, like the location, date, and time it was taken, as well as the identity of the people or objects in the image or even the actual device that the media was captured on. However, there are times when the source of the media file is not immediately apparent, and it can be crucial to determine this when investigating a case. 

iOS Forensics in Digital Investigation 

Consider a scenario where a photo appears on a suspect’s device, and it is relevant to an ongoing investigation. The photo appears to have been taken by another device, and there is no EXIF information available to indicate the date, time, or location where it was taken. In such cases, it becomes essential to determine how the photo ended up on the suspect’s device and who the original author of the image is. 

Establishing Image Provenance using the Photos.sqlite Database:  

One way to obtain this information is by examining the Photos.sqlite database from the suspect’s device. This database contains a wealth of information about all the photos and videos stored on the device, including their metadata.  

For a deeper dive into the iOS “Photos.sqlite” database and XAMN’s role in solving questions in a real-life mobile investigation, download our whitepaper. 

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Photos.sqlite contains a plethora of tables and fields that store metadata for your media files, including information such as the file name, path, creation date, modified date, location data, and more. By analyzing the database, it is possible to determine the origin of a media file and how it was transferred to the suspect’s device, which will help to establish provenance. 


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Figure 1.0 – XAMN Pro showing Photos.sqlite

The Photos.sqlite database on iOS devices not only stores metadata about your photos and videos, but it also contains information about the face recognition that is run by iOS. This feature analyzes photos and automatically detects any face that appears in them, regardless of whether the photo was taken by the device, imported/received from another device, or downloaded from the internet.  

How to Use XAMN Pro to Analyze the Photos.sqlite database and Advance Your iOS Forensics Investigation? 

If your digital investigation requires you to access and analyze data from the Photos.sqlite database, your best way forward is to use XAMN Pro. This powerful and intuitive tool from MSAB can empower your iOS forensic investigation in numerous ways. 

Creating filters based on unique face IDs 

One useful feature of XAMN Pro is the ability to create filters based on the unique face IDs that are assigned to each face that is recognized in your photos. This can be incredibly helpful when carrying out an investigation, as you can use these filters to quickly and easily identify all photos that contain a specific individual or group of individuals. 

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Figure 2.0 – XAMN Pro showing iOS identified face ID

However, analyzing this database manually can be a daunting task, especially if it contains a large number of files. Fortunately, there are tools available that can help to automate the process and make it more accessible to investigators. XAMN Pro is one such tool. With it, you can analyze the database and extract the relevant information quickly and efficiently. 

Finding inconsistencies in the metadata using XAMN 

XAMN can also assist investigators identify inconsistencies in the metadata, such as conflicting timestamps or GPS locations that have been altered. This function was introduced by Apple in iOS 15 and is yet another consideration that needs to be reviewed by the examiner. These inconsistencies can be indicators of tampering and manipulation and can provide valuable clues in the investigation. 

Pro Tip: Always verify your data 

When dealing with crucial data in a case, it is essential to ensure that the reported data from any tool is verified against the raw data. This is especially true when the data is unclear or ambiguous in its meaning. To do this, you can either use a third-party tool or this can also be achieved directly by using XAMN Pro to verify the data. 

Even with the help of tools like XAMN Pro, it is still best practice to verify the data against the raw data to ensure accuracy. This can involve cross-referencing the information with other sources of data or reviewing the data manually to ensure its integrity. Another method which is thoroughly recommended is to conduct your own independent analysis which can be done by creating a test data set where you can review the outcome from actions you have taken and documented. This way you are always verifying before testifying and can give your evidence with confidence. 

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Whether your mission is to gather and report intelligence, prevent crime, or quickly produce solid evidence – the powerful and intuitive digital forensics tools in XAMN Pro will enable the fastest possible route from having raw data to finding and reporting vital insights. 

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