The new XRY v7.1 micro release includes support for 55 new app versions as well as Apple’s latest release, iPhone 7.

New Apps in XRY v7.1.1

Updated app versions include:

» Facebook
» Google Maps
» Periscope
» Pokémon Go
» WhatsApp

» Current Releases Page
» Download Release Notes

Download v7.1 via Customer Portal
MSAB Kiosk

Kiosk & Tablet v7.1 Highlights:

» Updated Default Settings
» Hide export functions in Kiosk Viewer
» Kiosk Windows Support added

» Current Releases Page
» Download Release Notes

MSAB Kiosk & Tablet – Enhanced XRY Camera support

The high definition resolution is set to 1920×1080 by default for the XRY Camera. Whenever changed in the settings, the new resolution is remembered and used the next time the Camera app is run. The built in camera in the MSAB Tablet is also supported as standard in v7.1.