The first set of new MSAB Ecosystem products is being launched today.

The MSAB Ecosystem is about evolution, rather than revolution; changing the current product range to adapt to the latest developments in mobile forensic technology.

MSAB New ReleaseMeeting the requests of customers for new features and functions to help them in their work recovering and analysing mobile devices. The new Ecosystem empowers customers to become more effective and efficient with mobile forensics to retrieve and identify data faster.

This launch sees the arrival of XRY v7.0 introducing a new XRY Cloud product along with the rollout of support for XRY Camera to all of our hardware platforms. In addition the new XAMN software suite delivers a powerful and intuitive set of data analysis tools designed for investigators to help them work more efficiently.

As the amount of data in smartphones steadily increases, investigators are tasked with sifting through thousands of messages and gigabytes of files to find the relevant data. XAMN helps them locate that evidence amongst a huge volume of data, so they spend less time on analysis. XAMN Spotlight combines ease of use with powerful searching capabilities.

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