The next level in mobile forensic training

Pre-requisite: Course Length: Options For Taking This Course:
XRY Intermediate 5 days Classroom


The next level in mobile forensic training

XRY Intermediate
Course Length:
5 days
Options For Taking This Course:
Instructor-led Classroom

Course Description:

The Advanced Acquisition course focusses on helping you learn new ways to secure the data. We teach you how to extract data from mobile devices when traditional forensic tools are no longer an option. This training will take you to the next level of knowledge and understanding for mobile forensics. This course focuses on the extraction and recovery of data via JTAG and Chip Off methods, you will receive soldering practical experience and learn how to decrypt recovered data. This practical knowledge is invaluable when automatic dumping and decoding is no longer an option.

As one of the more advanced training courses, this class covers all elements of knowledge required to maximize your productivity and expertise. If you have been using XRY for quite some time and want to demonstrate excellence in the recovery of mobile data; then the XRY Advanced Acquisition Certification Training Course is for you.  By the end of this course, you will be able to use alternative methods to extract mobile device data and import it into XRY. You will understand how and where data is stored on mobile devices and how to recover that data.

Course Objectives:

• Hex Refresh
• Other Extraction Methods
• Health & Safety
• Soldering

• Memory Chip Knowledge
• Intro to eMMC
• eMMC Vs eMCP
• UFS Memory
• Chip Removal / De-Soldering
• De-Soldering Practical

• Endianness
• Signed and Unsigned Integers
• Importing Binaries
• Partitions and File Systems
• Encryption Schemes
• Decrypt Encrypted Android

• Android and ADB
• ADB Commands
• Rooting
• DD & Nanddump
• USB Disabled & Locked Devices
• Swipe Pattern Password Decoding

• Flashing Custom Recovery
• Removing Passcodes
• Restoring Firmware
• Importing Into XRY

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