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The latest version of XRY now supports extraction and analysis of drone data.

Now supporting drones – a first from MSAB, the pioneer in mobile forensics

Police and militaries around the globe are working on methods to stop rogue drones, such as capturing them with nets, shooting them down with anti-drone ray guns or jamming radio frequencies.

In the UK, police have seized more than 90 drones engaged in illegal activities in the last year, including incursions at 12 prisons involving the smuggling of drugs and other contraband to inmates.

In Iraq, ISIS has increased its use of drones against Iraqi and U.S. forces in the last 12 months, and coalition troops have reported up to 30 encounters a week with drones modified to drop grenades or to surveil troop movements.

Now, military and law enforcement personnel can use XRY to quickly extract and view location and flight path data from two of the most widely used drone models preferred by criminals.

Supported drones

Today we support a number of drone models used by criminals and threat actors and we’re working intensively to support additional ones quickly, including extraction of data from drone controllers and control apps. For the specific models we support, contact sales@msab.com

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Extract data from drones is only one of the features of XRY. Read more about the speed, data and integrity of evidence of our complete XRY  product range.

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