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All you need to know about decentralized digital evidence collection.

Access Digital Evidence – Unleash the value of frontline digital forensics with MSAB

In today’s digital age, virtually every crime brings with it the potential for an abundance of digital evidence. However, the vast majority (91%) of law enforcement officials recently surveyed by MSAB said their mobile forensic operations need improvement.

Gaining access to critical information in the first hours of criminal investigations can dramatically reduce time to digital evidence. Managing both the evidence and your digital forensic teams – even if their work is geographically spread over various cities and rural areas – from a central control point can lead to a speedy trial and justice for the victims.

How two UK Police Forces provided accessible digital evidence tech for their officers

If the evidence talks, the outcomes will be positive. This is where Kiosk demonstrates its value in providing perfect results within a simple process, showing the system as the ideal solution for operational officers. Offering an intuitive touchscreen interface, this system has been optimized for users across a range of investigative operations, enabling the rapid examination of digital evidence while retaining forensic integrity and producing evidential reports at the touch of a button. In specific terms, it reduces backlogs, allows decisions to be made earlier and helps to lower the cost of forensic work.

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Empowering your frontline personnel with the right digital forensics solutions

MSAB Workflow

How to create a streamlined workflow for managing data collections.

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MSAB Kiosk

A turnkey solution for easier extractions in a controlled environment.

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MSAB Tablet

A frontline mobile solution designed to recover data quickly and easily on scene.

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How a UK Law Enforcement Agency saved £80K over three years with the MSAB ecosystem

The need for cost effectiveness, speed, efficiency, consistent processes, data quality and forensic integrity are the same challenges faced by law enforcement agencies regardless of their specific missions or locations.

A former leader in a UK Law Enforcement Agency faced a number of these difficulties during his service. He talks about the MSAB Ecosystem as a new approach to mobile forensics which helped him and his team achieve the goal of getting a system that was both cheaper and more efficient while at the same time allowing officers to solve more crimes faster.

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The Ecosystem of Mobile Forensics

A complete solution to empower organizations and conduct efficient investigations

Digital evidence is often the most critical factor in investigative and intelligence work. Too often however, the power and potential of mobile forensics is not being realized. There is strong evidence of operational efficiency that shows that putting tools into the hands of frontline personnel, which enables them to extract data locally, will speed up the results and save money. This leads to faster suspect processing, increased detection rates and reduced overall costs of investigation. Let us show you how the MSAB Ecosystem approach can help your organization unlock the full potential of mobile forensics to fulfill your mission.

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How decentralized data collection and streamlined workflows radically improve your frontline forensic capabilities.

Tue, 19th of April, 15.00 EST

If we have learnt anything from COVID-19, it is that the risks inherent in having a centralized organizational model can all too easily end up being a single point of failure. Join the MSAB webinar to learn how some UK law enforcement agencies were successfully able to ride out the storm through a fully decentralized digital forensics solution.

This webinar focuses on the benefits of a new design for accessing mobile devices as quickly as possible for rapid turnaround times, whilst simultaneously ensuring that the organization maintains quality standards for digital evidence.

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“Moving to the MSAB Kiosk and networking system was
the best decision we ever made. Today, we are better able
to support high risk victims of domestic violence.

Before, relying on the lab delayed the process by at least a month.
Now, using the Kiosk we can confront the abuser with the
extracted evidence in the interview, and a charge could be
pressed within the first 8 hours.”

Digital Forensic Analyst and Unit Manager – Law enforcement in the UK 

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