XAMN Spotlight Certification

Course description

The XAMN Spotlight course is designed for investigators and analysts working in the field of mobile device forensics to provide them with the necessary skills to locate and identify evidentiary data needed to successfully investigate and prosecute their cases.

Students learn how to navigate and utilize all the functions and features found within XAMN Spotlight, mastering this segment of the XAMN suite of tools. Students are taken through the complete analysis process from deploying powerful filtering techniques to locate evidence, marking identified evidentiary data with tags, to generating and exporting reports.

This course is perfectly suited for the analyst or anyone wanting to establish themselves as a well-rounded mobile forensic examiner.

Course objectives

Day One

  • Introduction to XAMN
  • Introduction to XAMN Spotlight
  • Exploring Cases and Exhibits
  • Searching and Filtering on Evidence
  • Bulk Data Management
  • Exporting and Reporting
  • Assessment


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