Greatly improved Checkm8 support, new Apple warrant returns, improved Photon support, significant improvements to Android app downgrades and much more.

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Today’s release of XRY 9.1.1 highlights a significant increase in the physical extraction and decoding support for locked LG Android Qualcomm based devices, plus we also now offer an Access Service option for devices with secure startup enabled.

XRY 9.1.1 now also supports beta versions 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 of iOS 14 and offers improved decoding support for Apple Notes, Contacts and Wallet. We have also added further support for multiple iOS apps.

In addition, we’ve made major improvements to the XRY integrated built-in jailbreak tool, based on the checkm8 exploit which will enable users to jailbreak all iOS 13 versions presently on the market via supported handsets from within XRY.

Plus, decoding support for Apple search warrant returns is now added in XRY 9.1.1. This feature is also available for XAMN stand-alone with the XAMN 5.1.1 Install version.

Our Development team have made significant improvements to the app downgrade feature. Users can now acquire even more app data with new support for LinkedIn, Kik Messenger, Zello, and TikTok in addition to many other existing apps that are currently supported.

We have also improved the Photon capabilities in XRY 9.1.1 for greater stability and enhanced data recovery covering Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, and WhatsApp for Business.

Finally, XRY 9.1.1 also includes great improvements to our embedded file decoders to enable the retrieval of even more location data, pictures and the contents of ZIP files.

We highly recommend that current customers download the Release Notes from the Customer Portal for a complete description of all updated product capabilities and supported devices and apps.

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