XRY v7.5 offers support for iOS 11, decoding for Apple Wallet, deleted files from iCloud backup and much more

What’s new in XRY 7.5?

  • 168 new app versions supported
  • Over 22,500 device profiles now supported
  • Ability to present video thumbnails after decoding with latest triage process option
  • New devices with disable pattern lock support for LG handsets
  • Support for decoding flight logs for the Parrot Bebop drone
  • Support for new Android drone apps
  • Improved security to help prevent malware with new, secure Windows certified USB drivers
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XAMN Spotlight 3.0 delivers a range of new and improved capabilities to help investigators and analysts find and analyze digital evidence faster and more efficiently.

New benefits and capabilities:

  • Both XRY and XAMN Spotlight 3.0 are now Project VIC compatible so investigators working on crimes against children can import and export hashed images to quickly determine if newly recovered images are previously known and rated — or new and therefore indicators of possible new victims. All without having to view the actual images.
  • Improved search filtering capabilities
  • Hash searches
  • Enhanced views of video thumbnail images to make searching easier and faster
  • New JSON file viewer
  • Multiple improvements in how you can export files in Word, Excel, PDF, HTML & XML formats
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New XAMN Elements is now available for beta users

New XAMN Elements is the most advanced tool available today for mobile forensic data analysis and reconstruction.  Elements helps you make sense of the extracted data and find the critical pieces of evidence your investigations need. It lets you dive deeply into the hex data with powerful search functionality. You can also identify, investigate and validate information more easily thanks to Elements’ precise bookmarking and highlighting functionality.

  • Using the Unified Elements Map, you know where you are at all times, which makes it easier to navigate and reconstruct all the data safely, find the missing evidence and analyze it.
  • Elements pre-identifies decoded data, visualizing the undecoded data as white areas so you can zero in on the most fertile areas and work quicker.
  • Fully integrated with XAMN Spotlight, enabling a seamless workflow that includes combined reporting.
  • Elements makes it easier to defend the validity of your findings in court
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