Extract valuable data from the Apple Keychain

XRY v7.3. gives you the ability to extract data from the Apple secure vault when iTunes Backup encryption is enabled during the iOS logical extraction.

Also known as “Keychain”, it is used in iOS to store usernames, passwords, authentication tokens and other sensitive information – providing crucial aid during your investigation.

Take your data analysis to the next level

Possible now in v7.3, location data from pictures and movies are accessible in the Locations / History view, which facilitates data correlation and further aids your investigation.

Full support restored for extracting iCloud Backup data in XRY v7.3.1

With the release of iOS 10.3, we discovered that Apple had made changes to iCloud Backup that impacted the data that was extracted.

This meant that any iCloud Backup that was downloaded with XRY v7.3 would not include data that had been created or changed in iOS 10.3, only data from previous iOS versions.

We have now successfully restored full support for extracting iCloud Backup data in XRY v7.3.1.

By upgrading to this latest version, it is now possible to get access to data that has been created or changed even in iOS 10.3.

Johan Persson
Johan PerssonSenior Software Developer