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XEC Products

XEC Director

Remote enterprise management of your digital forensic systems and the user groups

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XEC Export

Batch export and conversion of XRY files into multiple formats to suit your organization

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Simplified, locked-down workflow for mobile device extractions, enabling quick processing

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What is XEC?

XECThe XEC family of products are management and administration tools designed to allow oversight and control by supervisors and IT Departments. Supporting the XRY and XAMN suites, XEC tools allow for network enterprise supervision and large scale administration such as bulk exporting of digital data into new formats.

For large scale rollout of digital forensic tools, it is essential that secure network policies and centralized management can have real-time access to how their assets are deployed. XEC tools empower managers to gather the information and reports they need to ensure everything is in place for effective deployment of digital forensic analysis.

  • Centralized management & administration
  • Network control and oversight of MSAB forensic tools
  • Batch exporting of XRY files to formats of your choice
  • Enterprise level control for license management
  • Secure vital management information on tool use
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XEC Director

Mobile forensics has exploded in significance and usage. This places increasing demands upon organizations as more users need to be managed when accessing powerful forensic tools. Take control of your organization’s mobile forensic infrastructure with cost effective supervision through the power of XEC Director to help your organization grow. XEC Director is a centralized management solution which overcomes all of these challenges to allow you to perform these functions from a central location by remotely connecting to MSAB hardware over a Windows Domain Network.

Centrally manage your digital forensic assets

  • Centralized Logging of Activity

  • Gain Insight from Reports
  • Ensure compliance to professional standards

  • Manage Systems Remotely
  • Supervise and Assist Users

XEC Groups

XEC Logs

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XEC Export

XEC Export is an innovative standalone tool from MSAB, specifically designed for users who need batch export capability. With Export you can now transfer multiple XRY files to alternative data formats in one easy to use application. Automating the process of manually exporting a batch of XRY reports, this allows users to complete the job with a single click by running it as service either on a dedicated server or on your workstation.

Save valuable time with quicker batch export capability

By running Export as a service in the background, you can with ease, drop your XRY files into a folder and let the Export take care of the job for you. Once finished, you can have Export either move the folder to an archive or have it deleted while all of your exported data is stored in a designated destination folder.

  • Use as Background Service
  • Save Settings
  • Export Multiple XRY Files
  • Automated Process

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XEC Express

XEC Express provides a simplified, locked-down workflow for mobile device extractions, enabling quick and easy processing by field-based investigators and others – not just by experts in your forensic lab. XEC Express is the software that runs MSAB’s Kiosk, and it can now be installed on a Windows-based PC, providing the benefits of an easy-to-follow workflow and touch screen or keyboard capability.

Simplified, locked-down workflow that is ISO 17025 compliant

Front-line users can uncover actionable evidence quickly, reducing backlogs that can occur when devices have to be processed in a lab. Managers and IT teams will value the way XEC Express ensures compliance with organizational policies and processes, as well as IT security policies. And extraction workflows can be configured to meet your specific needs.

  • Locked-down configuration

  • Automatic audit logging

  • Installable on a Windows-based PC

  • Tailored, configurable extraction workflows

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