The next level of analytics in mobile forensics

What is XAMN Spotlight?

XAMN Spotlight is the next level of mobile forensics; a powerful and intuitive tool that helps you find and analyze data faster, easier, with greater precision. It is designed with one goal in mind: To increase analytical efficiency – so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and successfully. Today, investigators and forensic specialists are tasked with sifting through thousands – even tens of thousands of messages and pictures as well as gigabytes of data.

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Offering an unprecedented performance-to-investment ratio

You need a lot of investigative power to search through millions of artifacts. XAMN Spotlight gives it to you, enabling you to get through massive amounts of data faster. Current users of MSAB Office or MSAB Field also receive a Spotlight license.

  • Quick search, the ability to manage timelines, that you can print – not just export, performance is very good.

    – IT Investigator, Belgium

  • Love the Soundex search. Absolutely brilliant – deserves a coconut. The speed is also superb.

    Ian Hunter – Technical Officer, Guernsey Police

  • To be able to open multiple extractions at once is a great improvement.

    Forensic specialist, Germany


Product Highlights

  • Filter by content category, text, phone number, geography, deleted data and more
  • View several XRY files from the same or several different handset
  • Highlight your findings with a comprehensive tagging functionality
  • Wide range of exports to enable you exports your findings to PDF, XML, HTML, Word, Excel, GPX, KMZ, VICS and more
  • Displaying several searches simultaneously, across multiple monitors
  • Build flexible searches based on the investigation needs
  • Verify and validate all the essential data quickly and efficiently
  • Use XAMN’s AI-based content recognition filter to automatically classify images as weapons, drugs and others

Automatic image recognition

Spotlight now lets you view images by categories such as drugs, weapons and people, enabling faster searches of large volumes of images.

Location Range Filter

And you can now focus your searches by geographic location as another time-saving option.

Why XAMN Spotlight?

For a forensic specialist

Get more power by being able to search through big amounts of data faster. Save time with personalized search templates, powerful filtering possibilities, and verifying data integrity. Share data with other stakeholders easily through versatile export capabilities.

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For a digital investigator

Make your job easier and more efficient by being able to focus on relevant information and easy search options. XAMN Spotlight offers speed, flexibility and modern usability by providing all the data in one place with easy reporting options.

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Manager using XEC Director

For a program manager

Help your team solve more crimes with a powerful, proven and user-friendly solution that gives them more investigative ability. XAMN Spotlight is low risk and scalable, letting you invest as much as you want by only taking out as many licenses as you need.

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Get started – Right away

Find out for yourself just how fast, powerful and easy to use XAMN Spotlight can be. Discover how it can suit your needs to bring unprecedented performance to your organization.

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