The fastest route from undecoded data to solid evidence

What is XAMN Elements?

XAMN Elements is the most advanced tool available today for mobile forensic data analysis and reconstruction. It is the advanced hex carving tool for experts, designed to help expert users to dig deeply into undecoded or fragmented data in order to bookmark, reconstruct and validate crucial pieces of information that would otherwise be unavailable. And very importantly, Elements makes it easier to defend the validity of your findings. Plus the intuitive modern user interface combined with the software’s high performance significantly cuts down processing time.

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  • Advanced data reconstruction made easier

    Time pressure, missing evidence, deleted files, fragments of code – every day mobile forensic experts face tough challenges. They need the best tools and capabilities.
    Welcome to XAMN Elements, the most advanced tool in digital forensic data analysis and reconstruction today.

  • Why XAMN Elements?

    1. XAMN Elements will enable experts and specialists to find, reconstruct, analyze huge amounts of data and defend the findings with confidence.
    2. Using the Unified Elements Map, you know where you are at all times, which makes it easier to navigate and reconstruct all the data safely, find the missing evidence and analyze it.
    3. XAMN Elements also helps to pre-identify decoded data, visualizing the undecoded data as white areas so you can zero in on the most fertile areas and work quicker.

XAMN Elements includes

Product Highlights

  • Enables you to make sense of missing, deleted or fragmented data
  • Most technically advanced solution available, designed to help you tackle the toughest challenges
  • Makes the work process faster and more efficient
  • Future proof
  • Seamless workflow with XAMN Spotlight integration


  • Advanced hex carving
  • Bookmarking and highlighting functionality
  • Unified Elements Map
  • XAMN Spotlight integration
  • Information sharing facilitated


  • Powerful technology
  • Modern user interface
  • Export and import binary files
  • Python scripting functionality
  • New Differential Engine facilitating the comparison of differences between files

Lets you find, reconstruct and analyze undecoded information more easily and quickly; through the way that raw data is visualized and presented.

Lets you simplify the workflow further by making the navigation of the data easier and more effective.

Makes your workflows and reporting even more seamless, saving time and freeing up resources.

Lets experts and investigators share info more conveniently, solving cases faster.

Gives you high performance and cuts processing time.

Requires minimal training and resources, further increasing the cost efficiency.

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