MSAB Brand Refresh 2015

Micro Systemation AB has been our brand name for over 30 years since the company was first created in 1984.

But as many of our customers will tell you, a name with sixteen letters and six syllables can be a bit of a mouthful at times.

To make things easier we use the web address as a shortened term to represent our brand online. In a world full of complexity, we know simplicity can be helpful, so from 8 April 2015 we will refer to ourselves as MSAB.

In conjunction with these changes, we have launched a new brand style to match our position as pioneers in the industry. We have refreshed the website so please take a look around our new website. We have updated the logos for our company and our core products XRY and XAMN.

The old MSAB logo

The old MSAB Logo

MSAB logo Blue RGB

The new MSAB Logo


The new XRY Logo


The new XAMN Logo

Our mission is to drive the industry of mobile forensics.

MSAB was founded in 1984 and we have a vast experience in mobile technology. Together with pioneering law enforcement organizations we helped create the mobile forensics industry and we are still committed to driving and leading it forward.

Our task is to develop the best possible solutions for mobile forensics and our reason for being is to help our customers do their job for society.

Please have a look around our new website to familiarize yourself with the layout: