XRY, the MSAB extraction solution, comes with new features centered on ensuring the chain of custody of digital evidence

XRY, the MSAB extraction solution, comes with new features centered on ensuring the chain of custody of digital evidence

MSAB, a world leader in mobile forensics, announces its fourth major product release for 2022. These updates help empower every investigation with digital forensic solutions – for a safer world.

“MSAB offers the best truly secure end-to-end mobile forensics solutions on the market for the prevention and solving of crimes around the world. Our latest release offers significantly increased capabilities to uncover more vital digital evidence from more mobile devices and to speed up investigations while ensuring the chain of custody of digital evidence”, says Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB.

The updated mobile forensics solution for digital data extraction, XRY, comes with a secure file format, now supporting over 43.400 devices and over 4300 app versions. The new features will enable forensic specialists access to an increased amount of data from even the most recent mobile devices. Additionally, XAMN, the forensic analysis tool, gives digital investigators a complete solution to discover, analyze and share critical digital evidence faster and with exceptional ease of use.

“The major importance of MSAB is on delivering high quality digital forensic solutions in order to ensure reliable forensic evidence. We are delighted to announce the launch of XAMN Pro, a powerful intuitive tool that brings the benefits of greater functionality and increased analytical efficiency to digital investigators.” says Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB.

“In 2022 we have had eight releases, including hundreds of new features across the product portfolio, allowing digital investigators and specialists to both accesses more data from locked phones and help make that data more meaningful”, says Bradley Sipes, Chief Product Officer at MSAB.

MSAB products are in a continual state of ongoing development and our digital forensics solutions can massively assist law enforcement agencies investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud, and fight corruption.

“In our ongoing mission to make our solutions better, MSAB has been focusing on developing solutions that allow access to information in a legally secure manner. The MSAB mobile forensics extraction solution, XRY, improves the chain of custody with the next level secure .XRY file format. With this release the .XRY forensic file format will make it possible to configure .XRY files to be written with 256-bit encryption, thus increasing security, and ensuring the chain of custody of digital data.” says Bradley Sipes.

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