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MSAB is certified by Great Place to Work and believes that diversity creates great value

Create a safer world with us

At MSAB, we strive to develop and provide high quality, easy-to-use mobile forensic solutions that empower our customers and help them fulfill their mission to make the world a safer place.

Listening to employees is a high priority  to retain creativity and boost team engagement. We give you the ability to conquer new challenges, work with innovative solutions and build a career within a unique and growing field.

Being a global company with people in many different countries is extremely valuable. Our staff brings tremendous knowledge, creative energy, a passion for discovery and a collaborative spirit across the company.

Together, we build an inclusive work environment characterized by diversity, openness and honesty. We’re always looking for more people who share our positive attitude and values, so come join us if this sounds like you.


Life at MSAB: Meet our team

Meet Joakim

Meet Christoffer

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Our core values

MSAB has defined three core values that represent what we believe in. These values guide us on how we function and they influence both our decision-making and our actions.

Our managers lead by example to ensure that our values are integrated into our daily work routines.

We help our colleagues internalize our values, because it is extremely important to us to ensure that not only do our clients understand what our core values are, but they see that we live them.

We are innovative

We are pioneers in mobile forensics and have been singularly focused on creating quality solutions that will empower our customers in making a safer world. But it doesn’t stop there. We have an inquisitive and outward-looking nature, searching for new ideas and input to create and sustain an innovative company culture. We also seek to understand how well we are performing, both as individuals and as teams, to nurture and develop our people’s innovative sides.

We are ethical

Integrity is our guiding principle. No matter what the pressure on us may be, we will ensure that all of our business activities are undertaken within a framework of responsibility, ethical values and support for the rule of law. We support our customers to be successful in their work and take responsibility for providing them with the best possible digital forensic solutions. In addition to making ethically sound decisions we demonstrate transparency in our business operations, we are honest and a trusted business partner.

We deliver results

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and always putting our customers’ needs first. By identifying the challenges and opportunities in our sector, we remain proactive and strive to generate quality solutions – continually evolving our thinking, whilst staying true to our core values. We also advocate the sharing of knowledge with our customers and employees, ensuring they stay empowered to constantly improve their results.

Benefits when working at MSAB

It’s our culture. It’s our values. It is about coming together as friends and colleagues.



  • Equal treatment
  • On-the-job training
  • Flexible and remote working options
  • Paid holidays and sick leave


  • Profit-sharing program for all employees
  • Pension Contributions
  • Celebrating success

MSAB named a Great Place to Work

We’re proud to announce that MSAB has been Certified™ by Great Place to Work® in a year that was full of challenges. MSAB takes a lot of pride in our creative and innovative team members. We are proud to offer a fun and transparent organization that recognizes employees’ ideas and hard work.

What is the Great Place to Work® Certification?

Great Place to Work® Certification is the most definitive ‘Employer-of-Choice’ recognition that organisations aspire to achieve. The Certification is recognised all around the world by employees and employers alike and is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in identifying and recognising Great Workplace Cultures.

Our hiring process

We care a lot about who and how we hire. We take a blended approach to our hiring process, building our external employer brand to attract top talents globally.


We process all applications carefully, examining the qualifications and experience in relation to the position applied for in order to assess whether we may be a perfect match to us.


We know that interviews can be nerve-racking but please relax and be yourself. We are interested in you as a person, as well as why you want to work at MSAB.


If specific skills are required for the role for which you have applied, you will be asked to take a test. Candidates who pass the first interview are also asked to complete a personality test.


After interviewing and testing, we will make our choice from among the remaining candidates. If you are our final candidate, we will contact you with a job offer.

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