MSAB – Trusted Partner in
Digital Forensics

MSAB is the global leader in digital forensic technology for mobile device examination and analysis. The company has, since its founding in 1984, set the global standard for the digital forensics industry. The MSAB vision is to empower every investigation with digital forensic solutions – for a safer world. A core value is to run an ethics-driven company with innovation and results. This “how” sets the company apart from competition, but it is the “why” – to contribute to a safer world – that truly makes us unique.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. As a truly global company MSAB also has main offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as a network of distributors around the world.

Setting industry standards and maintaining the integrity balance

The landscape in which law enforcement customers operate – where lives can hang in the balance – is increasingly complex. Success often depends not only upon the speed and effectiveness of the technology but also on the integrity and accountability of the approach. At MSAB data privacy considerations are a key to success. Protecting the rights of the innocent, victims and witnesses and making every possible effort to secure their integrity is a vital part of our approach – in every case.

Recently, MSAB has introduced a series of features based on the concept of « selective extraction » in order to minimize intrusion into an individual’s personal data whilst simultaneously supporting investigators in securing the relevant information. This will enable law enforcement agencies to demonstrate that they are taking all reasonable technological steps to mitigate the risks associated with holding personal data obtained via mobile phone extraction and ensure the rights to privacy for victim and witness phones.

MSAB also continues to act as a global leader in privacy and integrity. During 2019 – 2022 MSAB has been involved in FORMOBILE, an EU project to secure an end-to-end mobile forensic investigation chain. The aim of the project was to improve digital safety and security in the EU while respecting fundamental rights. MSAB has been instrumental in supporting and funding research into these efforts to ensure close attention is paid to the right to privacy as well as to the right to a fair trial. This has also been reflected in the development of a new EU Standards document specifically written to guide law enforcement on mobile forensics covering people, processes, tools, and ethical considerations.


Complete solutions for digital forensics

The MSAB Ecosystem of mobile forensics is designed as a complete digital solution to empower organizations, speed operations, conduct more efficient investigations and to ensure the consistent high quality of digital evidence. The flagship extraction software, XRY, has been used by authorized investigators to retrieve data quickly and effectively from mobile phones since 2003.

MSAB technology is used exclusively by Law Enforcement, Defense, Government Agencies and Forensic Laboratories in democratic countries all over the world to investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud and fight corruption.

The sole focus of MSAB is on delivering high quality digital forensic solutions with supporting professional services in order to ensure reliable forensic evidence. To be the trusted digital forensics partner. The current product range offers users a variety of secure tools from the XRY, XAMN & XEC family of products that can be relied upon in court for the production of evidence.
MSAB is publicly listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange under the ticker name: MSAB B. The company has an AAA credit rating.

How MSAB makes a difference

  • APPS – Recover more app artifacts and linked data
  • SPEED – Extract 3 phones simultaneously on a single license key
  • VALUE – XRY continually improves representing excellent value on your investment
  • SECURITY – A locked evidential secure container to ensure no data interference
  • RESPONSIBLE – MSAB is the ethical supplier in the industry following EU guidance on Export Controls.
  • SUPPORT – MSAB has the very best and most responsive technical support in the industry
  • TRAINING – MSAB offers a wide selection of in person and online, on-demand classes
  • SOFTWARE – Providing regular updates 10+ times per annum to ensure you can access the latest devices and apps
  • FOCUS – We specialize in mobile device forensic solutions for the best advances
  • PROFESSIONAL – We have a dedicated team on the ground in every major market to support you.
  • DATA – We know mobile data and have the best decoding platform in the industry


Before the end of 2020 XRY was released as first to market with iOS 14 support. It also allowed bypassing of locked LG Qualcomm devices. XAMN Horizon artificial intelligence (AI) enables smarter identity matching and efficient oversight of group interaction. Plus massive improvements in network support in XEC.


At the end of 2019 XRY 8.2.2 was launched enabling physical bypass for Samsung Galaxy A/J/S series and streamlined Checkm8 support for iOS. It also offered access to more than 29,000 mobile devices and applications. XAMN 4.5 was released with a new shortcut button enabling users investigating an image to quickly find similar images.


XAMN 4.0 and XAMN Horizon are launched, with time-saving capabilities for viewing & analyzing mobile data. The number of XRY-supported mobile devices & apps grows steadily, to 26,000+. XRY Drone is introduced. XEC Director’s capabilities expand, so users can manage and control XAMN as well as XRY.



XEC Director and XAMN Elements are launched. MSAB announces strategic partnership with Nuix, and their leading digital investigative platform. XAMN Spotlight 2.0 is launched, helping users analyze mobile forensic data faster and with greater precision, and adding automatic image recognition capability. With regular new updates, XRY expands its support for more mobile devices, including drones.



MSAB introduces the MSAB Ecosystem to address investigative agencies’ needs for a complete set of mobile forensic tools to meet their needs & to provide a total solution approach. Strategic partnership announced with vehicle forensic provider Berla, makers of the iVE forensic system.


The company undergoes a brand refresh from Micro Systemation AB to simply MSAB. XRY now supports over 16000 models and is being sold to over 100 countries worldwide. MSAB launches Advanced Acquisition & Advanced Apps Analysis forensic training course designed for professionals who need to extend to the next level of knowledge and understanding.


The Kiosk is launched to help volume users for customers with wide area rollout requirements for mobile forensics. MSAB launches support for non-standard mobile devices using the XRY PinPoint solution. The company establishes new office and Area Sales manager in Australia to sell directly to customers in Australia and surrounding Islands.


XAMN, analytical software for mobile forensics, is launched. The company establishes a new office in China and commences direct sales to customers which yielded in a huge order for XRY coming from the Chinese government. This same year, the company receives a large order from law enforcement agencies on both federal and state levels in Germany.


MSAB receives the largest order ever in the company history from the American Government. Shortly thereafter, it receives a further order from the same client for double the volume of units and North America becomes the single largest market for MSAB. Meanwhile in the UK over 97% of all Police Forces have acquired an XRY system.


A new issue of shares is used to finance a global launch of the new XRY product and becomes the very first dedicated product in the field of mobile device forensics. First sales are made in the UK.


Joel Bollö takes over the CEO role from Henrik Tjernberg and talks begin with the Swedish police regarding their needs for forensic tools to read the contents of mobile phones.


Micro Systemation was started by Bo Eriksson as a technology consulting company focusing on advanced data communications. The current chairman Henrik Tjernberg was hired the following year.

Empowering every investigation with digital forensic solutions – for a safer world


The MSAB Values

MSAB has defined three core values that represent what we believe in. These values guide us on how we function and they influence both our decision-making and our actions.
The three core values represent the DNA of MSAB and all decisions we make and any actions we undertake are guided by these values.

We are innovative

We are pioneers in mobile forensics and have been singularly focused on creating quality solutions that will empower our customers in making a safer world. But it doesn’t stop there. We have an inquisitive and outward-looking nature, searching for new ideas and input to create and sustain an innovative company culture. We also seek to understand how well we are performing, both as individuals and as teams, to nurture and develop our people’s innovative sides.

We are ethical

Integrity is our guiding principle. No matter what the pressure on us may be, we will ensure that all of our business activities are undertaken within a framework of responsibility, ethical values and support for the rule of law. We support our customers to be successful in their work and take responsibility for providing them with the best possible digital forensic solutions. In addition to making ethically sound decisions we demonstrate transparency in our business operations, we are honest and a trusted business partner.

We deliver results

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and always putting our customers’ needs first. By identifying the challenges and opportunities in our sector, we remain proactive and strive to generate quality solutions – continually evolving our thinking, whilst staying true to our core values. We also advocate the sharing of knowledge with our customers and employees, ensuring they stay empowered to constantly improve their results.

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