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Blog digital forensics training

15 mars, 2023

How to Get the Upper Hand in a Constantly Evolving Digital World Through Mobile Forensic Training [That Actually Makes a Difference]   

In today’s digital age, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. With…

Blog women in tech

8 mars, 2023

#MSAB Women: Breaking the Bias and Making the World Safer All in a Day’s Work

For over a century, every year on March 8th, the entire world…


3 mars, 2023

How Did That Photo Get on That iPhone: Media Attribution for iOS 

Photos and videos are an integral part of our daily lives, and…


27 février, 2023

Training, Digital Strategies, and … Onions? Unveiling the World of Digital Forensics with Jason Cullum 

In today’s day and age, digital investigations are no longer an outlier. Since…


14 février, 2023

MediaTek Chipsets Guide: How to Use XRY to Extract Data from MTK-Based Devices 

In a time when digital evidence is absolutely critical to solving crime,…


18 octobre, 2022

MSAB XAMN – Sharing Evidence

Streamline the reporting process with XAMN In previous blog posts, we have…


18 octobre, 2022

MSAB XAMN – Collecting evidence: Tags and Notes

From crime to court room: Create credible reports in customized formats Investigators…


18 octobre, 2022

MSAB XAMN – Discover evidence: Conversations and Images

Uncover evidence in pictures and messages easily Any investigator trying to survey…


18 octobre, 2022

MSAB XAMN – Discover Evidence: Time, Place and Persons

Establishing the provenance of timestamped digital evidence Timestamp usage in digital investigation…


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