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As one of the world’s leading digital forensics companies, MSAB leads the way in pioneering advancements that contribute to making our world safer. 

Our primary mission is to develop and provide high-quality, easy-to-use mobile forensic solutions that empower law enforcement organizations globally. We believe in more than just accessing data, but safeguarding trust, privacy, and peace of mind.  

Your work at MSAB will bridge the gap between technology and justice. You’ll be inspired to go beyond your comfort zone, and you’ll deal with challenging and meaningful projects. When you join us, you become part of a team that aspires to create a safer digital future, one breakthrough at a time.   

Every day at MSAB is an opportunity to redefine the future of digital forensics.

Are you up for the challenge? 

Life at MSAB: Meet our team

Petter Åhbeck, Engineering Manager

Anna Bladh, Software Developer

Sebastian Zankl, Engineering Manager

  • #DeveloperofMSAB – Wendy Wong

    “If you really like challenges and continuous learning, then MSAB is the perfect place.”
    That’s the realization that Wendy, one of our exceptional software developers, had when she first joined the company. Almost two years into her time here, that still rings true, stronger than ever.

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  • #DevelopersofMSAB – Sebastian Zankl

    “Oh, this sounds cool!”
    This one thought has propelled Sebastian into a thriving career in mobile forensics. Over a decade ago, he started his professional journey by joining MSAB as a software developer. Since then, he embarked on an impressive ascent, climbing the ladder from developer to an accomplished team lead, and finally, assuming the pivotal role of Engineering Manager for one of MSAB’s dynamic teams.

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  • #DevelopersofMSAB – Gustav Björk

    “If I was doing something which I did not see as challenging or fun, then I would not keep doing it. It’s a big part, I think, for every developer to have fun at their job.”
    For Gustav Björk, team lead for the Android division of MSAB’s Smartphone team, a run-of-the-mill job just won’t cut it.

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When your company goal is assisting law enforcement and helping them do their job better and more efficiently, you become part of their efforts to solve crimes and make the world and people safer.

Greg Masterson, Global Technical Sales Director

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I get to help all of my old colleagues do their job better. And I know that by the work that I’m doing, I’m not just lining some CEO’s pocket, but I’m actually helping people catch criminals. That’s a fantastic part of my job.

Adam Gardner, Software Developer

Our core values

MSAB has defined three core values that represent what we believe in. These values guide us on how we function and they influence both our decision-making and our actions. Our managers lead by example to ensure that our values are integrated into our daily work routines. We help our colleagues internalize our values, because it is extremely important to us to ensure that not only do our clients understand what our core values are, but they see that we live them.

We are innovative
We are ethical
We deliver results
Working at MSAB is special because what we do can be the deciding factor in whether a criminal goes free or not. One of my favorite moments was renting a car to drive to the south of Sweden for an extraction service. I got to explore the road to Skåne (and trust me, it’s pretty scenic) and contribute to helping our police agencies solve crimes, all in the same trip.

Cristoffer Kraft, Professional Services Consultant

Our hiring process

We care a lot about who and how we hire. We take a blended approach to our hiring process, building our external employer brand to attract top talents globally.


We process all applications carefully, examining the qualifications and experience in relation to the position applied for in order to assess whether we may be a perfect match to us.


We know that interviews can be nerve-racking but please relax and be yourself. We are interested in you as a person, as well as why you want to work at MSAB.


If specific skills are required for the role for which you have applied, you will be asked to take a test. Candidates who pass the first interview are also asked to complete a personality test.


After interviewing and testing, we will make our choice from among the remaining candidates. If you are our final candidate, we will contact you with a job offer.

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MSAB has been Certified™ as a Great Place to Work® for three years in a row. 

Our vibrant and innovative team deserves all the credit for this achievement. 

In a nutshell, being a Great Place to Work is a gold standard in recognizing outstanding workplace cultures. At MSAB, we’re all about creating a fun, open, and transparent environment where your ideas and hard work are truly celebrated. This certification is a testament to that commitment. 

What is the Great Place to Work® Certification?

Great Place to Work® Certification is the most definitive ‘Employer-of-Choice’ recognition that organizations aspire to achieve. The Certification is recognized all around the world by employees and employers alike.


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