Support for Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9, A and J series

With the recent exciting release of version 8.1.2, XRY data extract now supports the physical unlock, dumping and automatic decoding of Samsung Galaxy devices with the Exynos chipsets: including the S7/S8/S9, plus A and J series models. The 8.1.2 release provides physical extraction capability for 30 different variants with more to come.

The support offered in our new product opens up some complex challenges for mobile forensic professionals to navigate. As modern smartphone devices become more complex and their security setting capabilities increase, the answer as to whether or not we can get into a particular phone often moves away from a simple “yes” or “no,” towards the answer “it depends.”

That is especially true with our latest exploits. We can’t reveal all the details here in a public blog and risk compromising our customers’ work, but suffice to say there are some pretty important tactical considerations that you need to be aware of when using mobile forensic tools at this level.

If you are an XRY user and dealing with any of these devices then we encourage you to read the full documentation, release notes, guidance and help files available to registered customers on our Customer Portal.

We want to help you and ensure you are fully briefed on such matters before you start pressing buttons in our tools, so these guidance notes are created to help you. Suffice to say if you know that Secure Startup is enabled on such a device you can get help from MSAB Access Services to assist you. For more information and technical support, please contact

Don’t forget that the industry moves fast and if you have not been trained in our tools in over three years, then most likely you are already out of date. Take a look at our range of forensic data extraction and analysis training options for both classroom and online options to help you get the greatest value and full capabilities from XRY. Invest in yourself and get trained to make the best of your product investment.