Mobile forensics – It doesn’t always stop with the software

If you’ve navigated through the XRY Device Manual recently, you might have seen the following text highlighted in the screenshot below on certain devices. But what does it mean?

Our dedicated MSAB Research & Development teams have found multiple ways into different locked devices, but sometimes these exploits can’t easily be included in our primary XRY mobile data extraction software. Whilst offering support in XRY is always our preferred route for delivery. There are times when the complexity of the exploit or sensitivity surrounding it, means that we can’t put it into general circulation.

To solve this dilemma, we have two possible options available to organization’s who are qualified existing customers of MSAB:

Access Services (AS)

A per device solution; Access Services allows agencies to ship individual devices to MSAB at approved secure locations, or alternatively MSAB staff can where possible, perform the service onsite at the customer’s premises. This option is ideally suited to existing MSAB customers who encounter the occasional critical locked device they need to secure data from.

Advanced Acquisition Lab (AAL)

A full toolkit of solutions under your direct control to perform unlimited extractions onsite, on demand. We deliver the solution and train your operatives under strict confidentiality agreements. This option is ideally suited to existing MSAB customers who regularly encounter challenging devices and need access to mobile data immediately on a frequent basis.

Regardless of whether the locked mobile device has File Based Encryption (FBE) or Full Disk Encryption (FDE) we have you covered, plus we even support the latest Android 10 based devices.

As an example of what’s possible:

Do you have a locked Huawei smartphone?

MSAB can get into almost all modern Huawei devices regardless of security state. We can either unlock the device for you via AS or supply the AAL technology to perform it yourself for approved customers. We have unique exploits for all Huawei Kirin based devices manufactured since 2016, up to the very latest models manufactured today.

Facing a locked Samsung smartphone?

Whether Qualcomm or Exynos based we now have solutions to bypass pattern locks and security codes. We even have options available when Secure Startup is activated on a device. Our top range exploits cover Samsung Galaxy A/J/S series including flagship S9/10/20 devices.

Do you have locked LG devices and need access to them?

This summer we have implemented new options for recovering data from locked LG Qualcomm devices that can even deal with secure startup enabled devices. Contact us for more specific details.

If you would like to know more and discuss options, please contact your local sales representative or alternatively email us at

Please note that MSAB Technology exports at this level of sophistication are strictly controlled by EU Export Regulations. The Swedish Government via the ISP determines which regions around the world that these solutions can be supplied to.