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Easy Ways to get Access

If you’ve read all the information about our product range and want to try it out for yourself – what are the next steps?

The following options will guide you on how to get access in a way that best suits your needs. You can to evaluate it today, try it over a more extended period, hire for a few months or make a purchase. We want you to be absolutely sure that this product meets your needs. So you can take each stage one at a time or go straight to any of the options below:

Why not evaluate for free – see below for more information on how to get a free evaluation of our products for a 30 day period.

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Perhaps you only ever have a temporary requirement for this tool for an investigation, if so then click on the link for more information about renting our products for the short term.

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If you know this is the tool for you, then click the link here for more details and join thousands of other customers from over a hundred countries around the world in becoming a mobile forensic specialist.

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If you are already an existing customer, there are still plenty of upgrade options available to ensure you get even more out of your tools. Please click the link here to see what else we can do for you.

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If you are responsible for training and degree courses in the field of digital forensics at an academic institution and would like to include modules on mobile forensics then please contact us.

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We know it can be difficult choosing a tool that is right for your needs, so we want to help by offering you the opportunity of a free trial evaluation. We think our products are so good that if you try them, you’ll immediately see how they can benefit you. That’s why we are prepared to give you 30 days to evaluate it free of charge.*

Plus – if you decide to buy during the evaluation period, we’ll give you an extra bonus gift completely free of charge as a thank you!

(Please note that this offer is region specific and evaluation loans are not available in some territories.)

Try for free in 3 easy steps:

  1. Check the Terms & Conditions to ensure you can apply
  2. Meet with us and we’ll ensure your PC is correctly set up and show you how it works
  3. Evaluate free for 30 days with no obligation – you only pay for return shipping

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Hire for just 3 months – We’re making it easier than ever to get access

We want everyone to have access to the very best mobile forensic tools. So this is a way to make it more accessible. Do you face any of the following scenarios?

  • Short Term Operational Requirements
  • Need to Evaluate products over a Longer Period
  • No Capital but available Revenue Budget
  • Unpredictable Financial Planning

We know that sometimes you still need the best possible forensic tools but just for a short duration of time. So when outright purchase doesn’t make financial sense, it is nice to have an alternative.



Now you can hire with easy quarterly rental payments to suit your needs:

  • Rent from 3 months to up to 1 year
  • Return it any time without further obligation
  • The option to buy outright is available any time

You can hire for as short a period as 3 months. You can extend the agreement for as long as you want and we’ll offer you the option to either purchase or return XRY at the end of the contract. Simply tell us your requirements and we will prepare a tailor made quotation specifically for your situation.

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Routes to Purchasing

We sell powerful forensic solutions – we have been selling it to customers in the Law Enforcement, Military & Government Intelligence sectors since 2003. We also supply to organizations in the private sector where there is a justifiable business need – for example to digital forensic specialist companies, data recovery businesses and corporate fraud investigators.

We are proud of our customer base and the levels of trust placed in us by them and we want to keep it that way. For that reason we need to be sure whom we are dealing with, so if you send us a request for pricing from an anonymous web based email account; you’re unlikely to get much information. We need to know who you are and what you want to use our tools for before we can have that discussion.


How to Buy

For our benefit and those of our existing customers we need to know who you are and your reason for wanting our products before we can commence commercial discussions. Once we have established the basics then there are several easy ways to purchase:

1) Contact Us and Ask for a Quote »
If you know exactly what you want then ask us for a quote – please specify who you are, your organization and full contact details including an official email and postal address so we can confirm your identity.

2) Request a Demonstration »
If you need more information before you can decide, contact us and ask for a demonstration on site. One of our sales team can organize a visit and demonstration of XRY to answer all your questions.

3) Speak to an Authorized Partner »
We have several officially authorized reseller partners across the globe, if you prefer to speak to someone local who knows your market and can offer close support; then please visit our Partner Page.


Are you missing vital information?

We want to help our customers, by pointing out that you may only be getting half the information you need if you just have Logical. XRY Physical allows users to get additional items including

  • Deleted Data
  • Security Codes
  • Previous SIM history
  • File System Information
  • Bypass Security Protections

The take a look at XRY Physical; which has the advantage that it can reveal protected and deleted data, which may not be available through a logical analysis.

XRY Physical works seamlessly with XRY Logical and for many supported devices we can automatically decode the physical extraction and present the data in a standard XRY report.

Upgrade Today for a Special Price

If you are an existing customer with XRY Logical then you can contact us today for a special offer deal to upgrade your existing solution.




Academic Options

Discount Scheme for Universities & Higher Education

Embedding our certification training into existing academic qualifications means that students can leave with both academic and industry qualifications when they leave education to look for work. A vital advantage in the competitive work environment which benefits all parties involved.

MSAB offer special pricing for academic institutions that wish to purchase for research and training purposes. If you are responsible for training and degree courses in the field of digital forensics at an academic institution and would like to include modules on mobile forensics then please contact us.

The demand for knowledge about the latest cutting edge forensic tools is growing and you can give your educational establishment an edge, by ensuring that students have access to the latest tools. We already work with a number of academic institutions across the globe and help them integrate new cell phone forensic course material into their existing digital forensics classes.

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If you are a potential customer interested in learning about our mobile forensics solutions or services, please use this form for your inquiry.

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