The Full Toolkit for Advanced Extraction and Decryption

What is XRY Pro?

 XRY Pro is our most advanced tool, allowing you to access some of the most challenging and secure devices, as well as perform unlimited unlocks and extractions using state-of-the-art unique exploits from MSAB. 

Because of the increasing levels of security and encryption in many of the latest mobile devices, law enforcement and other organizations require new techniques to access mobile data. They often encounter some devices that cannot be extracted using standard cables and methods. Here’s where XRY Pro comes in. With this software suite of high-level exploits, you get premium level phone access capabilities to ensure you can access some of the most difficult-to-breach devices.  

XRY Pro is the perfect solution for experienced users who want to perform unlimited unlocks and extractions using their own equipment. Specialized on-demand training to understand the exploits and unlock their full potential is highly recommended. 


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What we offer:

XRY Pro is a software suite of high-level exploits for Android. With this kit, you get premium level phone access capabilities.  


XRY Pro comes with: 

  • Advanced software with the latest exploits – Samsung Exynos Exploits, Samsung Qualcomm Exploits, UNISOC exploit, LG Qualcomm exploit, General Qualcomm exploits, Xiaomi & OnePlus Qualcomm Exploit, Google Pixel 6 & 7 Exploits.  
  • FDE, FBE and Secure Startup support. 
  • Ram Brute Forcing Exploit of phones such as Samsung S21, S22, Pixel 6 & 7, and more.  
  • Updates as they become available.  
  • Unlimited number of extractions of devices 


XRY Pro is delivered via MSAB’s Customer Portal and can be installed on your existing equipment.  

Product Highlights:

  • State of the art unique exploits from MSAB
  • Significant coverage for Android devices; Samsung Qualcomm/Exynos, MTK and much more
  • Unlimited extractions with an annual license
  • Specialist training courses available
  • Excellent MSAB Technical Support Help Line (once training is completed)
  • Possibility to use it with your own existing equipment. Should additional lab equipment be required, it is available to purchase as needed


  • XRY Logical & Physical License
  • XRY Cloud License
  • XRY Pro License


  • MSAB Office Hardware
  • Huawei & Harmony XRY Pro Cables
  • Pro-Tech Tool Kit
  • USB Memory Stick

XRY Pro: One Stop Shop for All Your Extraction Needs

A fast, efficient, and secure method to extract mobile phone data even from the most challenging devices. 

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XRY Pro + XAMN Pro

A Complete Solution from Start to Finish 

Give your mobile forensic investigations the best chance of success 

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