New release: XRY 9.6, XAMN 6.2 and XEC 6.5

Added support for more devices, selective App Extraction, Apple facial recognition decoding, support for iOS 15 and Android 12 Beta, plus many more improvements.

In our ongoing mission to make our digital forensics solutions better, we constantly strive for continuous improvements to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The new versions of XRY, XAMN and XEC represent a substantial advance in our efforts to help our customers swiftly acquire mobile data from devices, conduct in-depth data analysis and manage teams centrally.

XRY 9.6 adds support for many more mobile devices and apps, bringing the total number of supported devices and app profiles to over 35,700 devices.

The following summarizes additional highlights for each product. Customers with current licenses are encouraged to download the newest product releases and Release Notes from the Customer Portal for a complete description of all updated product capabilities and supported devices and apps.

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Release highlights:

XRY 9.6

Selective app extraction: XRY enables law enforcement agencies to show that they are taking all reasonable technological steps to mitigate the risks associated with personal data acquired via mobile phone extraction. XRY 9.6 allows you to target your extraction to only recover data from specified selected apps.

This can be used in conjunction with pre-existing extraction filters in XRY and enable operators to restrict mobile investigations, comply with data privacy requirements and ensure the rights to privacy for victim and witness phones.

Apple Facial Recognition decoding: XRY can now take advantage of Apple facial recognition to identify faces in iOS pictures, providing categorization and matching within extracted data, enabling you to search for a specific face in a cluster of pictures when analyzing the data in XAMN.

Apple iOS capture screenshot: This feature enables users to quickly capture specific information as it is displayed on the screen from iOS devices, complementing our existing Android screen capture capability.

Python Cloud extraction: Thanks to the hard work and research of FORMOBILE, the release comes with this brand new feature enabling you to perform a Cloud based extraction in XRY using an imported python script in order to recover additional artefacts.

XRY 9.6 also includes:

  • Added support for physical extractions from ten new Samsung Exynos device.
  • Decoding support for the latest iOS 15 and the new Android 12 Beta
  • Comprehensive improvements to XRY Photon
  • Enhanced support for Raven files import and decoding
  • Plus, improved overall support for multiple apps on Android and iOS.

XAMN 6.2

MSAB is proud to continue working closely with Project VIC and the wider law enforcement agencies (LEA) community to help detect and prevent the spread of child sexual abuse material. Digital examiners now have the capability to efficiently grade media from the Gallery view and the Picture viewer in XAMN.

XAMN has gone through several significant user experience improvements plus a whole host of other enhancements to save you time and effort.

Using XAMN 6.2, examiners can now run a slideshow to automatically view all pictures in the Gallery view and can now import Raven files into XAMN Viewer.

XEC Director 6.5

MSAB has been helping digital forensic managers and supervisors to lead their teams from a central control point. The new release of XEC Director allows you to edit the extraction profile’s process options, the extraction and decoding settings, and apply it to multiple Kiosk clients.

MSAB Kiosk, Tablet and XRY Express

The release comes with a new, easier way to configure the process options and setup dynamic triage options for the MSAB Kiosk, Tablet and XRY Express

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