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We are delighted to introduce the latest version of XRY – XRY 10.6.1. This release introduces new features and greatly improves existing ones, making your data extraction and decoding capabilities faster, easier, and more comprehensive.


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Curious about what XRY 10.6.1 brings to the table? Here’s a glimpse into the enhancements we’ve packed into this release to expand the capabilities of digital forensic investigators:

What’s New in XRY 10.6.1?

  • New Android and iOS developments
  • Support on Graphene OS
  • Several new app improvements
  • More devices supported

Let’s dive deeper and examine the new additions.

  • Added support for iOS 16.6 and iOS 17 Beta

XRY 10.6.1 comes with added support for iOS 16.6 and iOS 17 Beta. extractions from devices running these latest versions for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system for iPhones are now possible with XRY, ensuring you can successfully gather evidence from an even broader range of iOS devices.

  • Threema Libre support on Graphene OS

Graphene OS is a privacy and security focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility. Its popularity is on a steady rise, capturing attention not only from legitimate users but also from wrongdoers, lawbreakers. Using GrapheneOS in combination with Threema Libre? A combination that hasn’t escaped the attention of criminals.

Threema’s instant messenger has given users a workaround the security and privacy concerns surrounding WhatsApp and Telegram. Now, the company has gone a step further by introducing Threema Libre, a variant of its app that is completely free from any proprietary dependencies.

Luckily, XRY now supports Threema Libre.

  • Expanded Device Support: Over 44.900 devices supported

Today’s XRY 10.6.1 brings significant extraction and decoding capabilities to more mobile devices, with the total number of supported device profiles exceeding 44,900, including over 450 apps and over 4,400 app versions.

  • Significant improvements for Grindr support

We’re pleased to say XRY 10.6.1 now brings to the forefront a number of improvements in terms of support for the Grindr app on Android. How does the new version of XRY assist in uncovering crucial insights from Grindr? Just to mention a few ways, we now have:

  • Added support for social groups, with name, participants, and who created it.
  • Added support for image attachments.
  • Service messages, which provide information such as the creation time of a chat and when a member joined or left the conversation.
  • Reactions to messages.
  • Improved Support for Snapchat and Facebook Warrant Returns

XRY 10.6.1 expands on the level of support for Snapchat Warrant Returns and it comes with added decoding for account events.



What’s new in XRY Pro?

  • Full filesystem extraction of Graphene OS

Finding you have no solution for Graphene, the privacy and security hardened version of Android OS? Fear not, XRY Pro now offers full file system consent-based extractions on Pixel 6 and 7.

  • Disable the Wasted data wiping app on Pixel phones

It is now possible to disable the Wasted data wiping app on Pixel phones.

Take your data extraction and decoding capabilities to the next level with XRY 10.6.1

We’re excited to introduce our latest release, a meaningful stride towards enhancing investigations in the dynamic realm of digital forensics. This update brings practical improvements that can streamline your work and expedite crime-solving, so don’t hesitate to get the latest features with XRY 10.6.1.

For a complete description of all updated product capabilities and supported devices and apps, download the latest product releases and Release Notes by logging in to the “Client login” section of the MSAB Customer Portal. 


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