New release: XRY 10.6, XAMN 7.6 and XEC 7.6

Industry leading UNISOC BFU support, simplified exclusion of expendable files, and more good news for mobile forensic professionals


We are delighted to unveil the most recent release of XRY, XAMN, and XEC.  

The latest iterations of these powerful MSAB products are a significant leap forward in our mission to assist forensic investigators, digital investigators, and other users in swiftly and effortlessly acquiring and analyzing mobile data. 


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Here are some of the most exciting features from the latest versions of XRY, XAMN and XEC:


Release highlights:


Revamped and Refreshed: Discover the All-New Look of XRY, XAMN, and XEC 

In the new release, one exciting upgrade shared by all three products is their striking new look. Each of them has received a comprehensive visual overhaul, boasting fresh colors and redesigned icons. 

Navigating through the software has never been more visually engaging and intuitive, ensuring a seamless workflow for investigators and users at every step. 

Whether it’s extracting data with XRY, performing in-depth analysis with XAMN, or utilizing the comprehensive capabilities of XEC, the visually refreshed interface sets the stage for a productive and efficient investigation process. 


XRY 10.6: Breakthroughs in Data Extraction and Decoding Capabilities

XRY 10.6 brings significant extraction and decoding capabilities to more mobile devices, with the total number of supported devices exceeding 44.700 and over 4400 app versions.

  • Empowering Investigators with World-Leading BFU UNISOC support

The latest release builds on the momentous advancement for the mobile forensics industry we introduced in the previous version of XRY. Now, in XRY 10.6. XRY Pro has expanded its capability to include more UNISOC based devices, enabling users to dump, bruteforce, and decode a wider range of UNISOC chipsets at an unprecedented speed. 

UNISOC, previously known as Spreadtrum, is a rapidly growing semiconductor company. Their chipsets power budget smartphones from various manufacturers like Nokia, realme, ZTE, Motorola, and more recently, Samsung. The enhanced support for UNISOC chipsets in XRY Pro represents a major stride towards more effective and comprehensive digital investigations, elevating your data extraction capabilities to an entirely new level. 

We take great pride in putting this powerful functionality in your hands through the new release. The advanced access it offers will contribute to solving crimes more efficiently and at an accelerated pace. 

  • XRY Pro Distributed Brute Forcer

With the new release, we are supercharging brute forcing.  

 You no longer have to only rely on the power of the host computer for brute forcing. Instead, now you can use any free computers on your network to improve your chances of brute forcing devices faster and more efficiently. 

  • Dumpsys information added for Android  

To enable investigators to gather useful information about the status of system services, XRY 10.6 comes with added Dumpsys information for Android. Now we parse Dumpsys and that can significantly aid you in complex cases. ADB dumpsys commands are run early and the data is stored in the same way as for Logcat. 

  • Improved handling of deleted messages in WhatsApp 

Another enhancement in the newest version of XRY – XRY 10.6 is improved handling of deleted messages in WhatsApp.  

Recognizing the crucial role that WhatsApp conversations play in digital investigations, we have made it easier to gather information about deleted messages within this popular messaging platform. You can see if, when, and by whom a message was deleted. 

  • Support added for apps:

We’ve added support for several iOS and Android apps. On the iOS front, we now support Apple Wallet and Proton Mail. For Android, we have extended support to include Line and Signal.

  • Warrant Return support added for AT&T and Verizon

In response to the evolving needs of forensic investigators, in XRY 10.6, we’ve expanded our Warrant Return support. Now we offer expanded AT&T Warrant Return, including support added for AT&T Financial info, accounts, Network info, and contact info. Additionally, there’s support added for Verizon Financial info, accounts, and contact info.


XAMN 7.6: Enhancing Forensic Data Analysis Processes

We are delighted to announce the release of XAMN 7.5, which sees significant feature updates to help speed up your investigations and streamline your processes.

Some of the key improvements we brought to XAMN include:

  • Simplified exclusion of system and application files

At the heart of our mission is the constant drive to maximize the efficiency of your investigations. With the introduction of XAMN 7.6, we have made further advancements towards achieving that goal.

You can now choose to exclude system files and application files. These are not generated by the user, and as such, do not contain any user data. By excluding these artefacts from your results, searching for relevant data becomes faster and more efficient.

  • Gallery and Video Viewing Improvements

XAMN 7.6 comes with enhancements revolving around Gallery View and Video Viewing.

With the new improvements, investigators now have a more powerful and user-friendly platform to examine and extract valuable insights from images and videos. A new page mode is introduced in the Gallery view, allowing you to swiftly step through pages of pictures and videos using your mouse or keyboard. It’s more intuitive and less straining on the eyes – which is a game changer especially when reviewing high quantities of media files. Additionally, you can now easily get an overview of video file content by hovering your mouse over the file for a preview.

  • Relativity integration

With XAMN 7.6., you can now select to export artifacts for import into Relativity. It’s crucial for when you want to import the extracted data to RelativityOne for further analysis.


XEC: Modernizing Mobile Forensics Management

XEC Director is your go-to for more productive management of your operations. The latest updates we brought to the product are forward-looking: we’re modernizing and strengthening our platform today to ensure a successful development of the tool in the long term.

  • Modernized basic infrastructure

Always one step ahead. To ensure your access to a healthy and effective platform going forward, we’ve modernized the basic infrastructure of XEC.

  • More streamlined control of client behavior

The new release also includes some improvements allowing XEC administrators more streamlined control of client behavior.


Kiosk, Tablet & Express: Maximizing Frontline Performance

Equipping frontline personnel with top-of-the-line tools helps steer investigations faster and yields more productive outcomes. And that’s why our frontline solutions have also seen improvements in this release, including:

  • Improved handling of deleted messages in WhatsApp

A notable enhancement in the newest version of KTE is improved handling of deleted messages in WhatsApp.

It is now easier to gather information about deleted messages within this popular messaging platform. You can see if, when, and by whom a message was deleted.

  • Support added for apps:

We’ve added support for several iOS and Android apps. On the iOS front, we now support Apple Wallet and Proton Mail. For Android, we have extended support to include Line and Signal.


For a complete description of all updated product capabilities, supported devices and apps, as well as a closer look at all the improvements that were brought to XRY, XAMN, and XEC, download the latest product releases and Release Notes from the MSAB Customer Portal.


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