New release: XRY 10.5, XAMN 7.5 and XEC 7.5

Introducing XRY Pro – the new solution for locked and encrypted devices, plus a whole new level of analytics in mobile forensics.


We are happy to announce the latest releases of XRY, XAMN, and XEC.

The newest versions of these core MSAB products represent a substantial advance in our efforts to help forensic investigators, digital investigators and other users acquire and analyze mobile data faster and easier than ever.


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Here are some of the most exciting features from the latest version of XRY, XAMN and XEC.


Release highlights:


XRY 10.5: Extraction and Decoding Taken to a Whole New Level

XRY 10.5 brings significant extraction and decoding capabilities to more mobile devices, with the total number of supported devices exceeding 44.200 and over 4360 app versions.

  • Introducing XRY Pro: A game-changing tool with cutting-edge access capabilities

XRY Pro is our most advanced tool, allowing you to access some of the most challenging and secure devices, as well as perform unlimited unlocks and extractions using state of the art unique exploits from MSAB.

  • Enhanced support for iOS

With the new release, we are ensuring support for the latest iOS 16.3.1 & iOS 16.4 Beta, including improved support and decoding for Apple Biome/KnowledgeC. Plus, with XRY 10.5., you can now import Apple Personal Data.

  • Automatic decoding of backup files

To enable investigators to access an increased amount of data, XRY 10.5 unique .xry files are created for the backups found within Apple Warrant Returns, locally on the device for Line, WhatsApp and Viber apps and from Cellebrite or Graykey imports. These files are now automatically decoded.

  • Time span and category selection added for feature phones

You can now select a time span and a category for feature phones. We have also improved logging for time span by adding hours.

  • Samsung Gallery Trash Bin support

XRY 10.5 adds support for metadata information such as the time a picture was marked for deletion along with the original file path and name. The details are added to the original picture.


XAMN 7.5: Analysis Made Faster, Easier, and More Efficient

We are delighted to announce the release of XAMN 7.5, which sees significant feature updates to help speed up your investigations and streamline your processes.

Some of the key improvements we brought to XAMN include:

  • Case Review Tracking

Case review tracking allows you to keep track of your review progress. When enabled, you can easily identify artifacts that have been viewed and artifacts that have not yet been viewed.

  • Camera Filter

This new filter allows you to find pictures based on the manufacturer and model of the camera that was used to take the pictures.

  • Detego Integration

With XAMN 7.5, you can now select to export artifacts to the new Detego output format.

  • Review pictures easier

You can now double click images in List, Gallery, Connection and Conversation view to open a picture.


XEC Director 7.5: Mobile Forensics Management for Better Results

We are also proud to share the latest updates to XEC Director, allowing you to manage your operations more productively.

  • AES 256 Encryption on or off for client systems

We have added support to XEC Director to allow administrators to control the encryption level for the client systems.

  • Multiple Scheduled Reports

In the 7.5 release of XEC Director, you can set up and schedule multiple reports, automating the process and improving productivity.

  • Messages on login screen

You can now set messages that should appear on the login screen for one or more Kiosk, Tablet or Express client systems.

The new release also includes improvements to the workflow configuration allowing you to handle distribution of multiple user data files for the user groups.


Kiosk, Tablet and Express: Improved Frontline Functionality

KTE has seen vast improvements in this release, including:

  • Gallery View for images in XAMN Express

Gallery view has been added to XAMN Express, making it much easier for investigators to review pictures and find those relevant to their case.

  • Open cases in XAMN Pro from MSAB Express

It is now possible to open a case in XAMN Pro directly from a MSAB Express machine that also has XAMN Pro installed.

  • Forensic Process Statement improvements:

You can now choose to create a text file with the hash value of your forensic process statement instead of it just being stored within the log file. When adding pictures to your forensic process statement, you can also choose to include the name of the image within the generated statement.


For a complete description of all updated product capabilities, supported devices and apps, as well as a closer look at all the improvements that were brought to XRY, XAMN, and XEC, download the latest product releases and Release Notes from the MSAB Customer Portal.

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