MSAB introduces Access Services

Announcing a new service option for law enforcement and other government agencies that need access to the most challenging mobile phones in critical cases: MSAB Access Services — now available to customers worldwide.

These services can provide access to many Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 and S9 models, multiple Huawei models and other Android phones. The list of supported devices will be dynamic and expanding. As new phone models enter the market, MSAB researchers constantly develop new methods to unlock, extract and/or decrypt them.

With Access Services, MSAB forensic experts use advanced, forensically sound techniques to extract and decrypt the data — evidence that would otherwise be unattainable, and which could mean the difference between solving a case or not. In most cases, MSAB Access Services are delivered in one of our secure MSAB forensic facilities. For selected cases, on evaluation and approval, services may be delivered on site at a customer facility.

The new services will complement the capabilities of our XRY software, which supports more than 26,000 mobile devices, apps and app versions.  We remain committed to building support for as many devices as possible into our XRY product, but for some mobile devices the best way to ensure that we maintain access for law enforcement is with a service approach.

Customers using MSAB Access Services will receive an XRY file containing all recovered data and we will return the mobile device to you.

Please contact us at for more information on specific mobile device models and on MSAB Access Services.

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