The next level in mobile forensic training

Prerequisite: XRY Certification
Course length: 3 days

This course builds on the knowledge gained from XRY Certification, showing students how to carry out more complex data recovery techniques on a wide range of mobile devices, whilst also introducing them to deeper and more comprehensive data analysis following extraction, utilizing MSAB tools.  Students will be introduced to XRY Cloud, given an introduction into mobile application investigation, and consolidate learning throughout utilizing MSAB’s powerful XAMN Spotlight analysis tool.

This is the next level course after successful completion of the XRY Certification course with MSAB forensic tools. We assume you are now familiar with the basics of XRY and we take you through the next level of cell phone examinations and understanding, with an introduction to HEX, physical decoding, Apple Property Lists (PLists), Android XML documents, SQL analysis, and an introduction to investigating smart phone applications. The information provided is extensive and the course includes extensive hands-on exercises with feature phones, smartphones, memory cards, GPS navigation devices and a huge array of pre-acquired data sets from a range of devices for you to analyze throughout the course.

XRY Intermediate training builds confidence and expertise in our system and takes you through all the features and functionality available to ensure you get maximum value from your investment. Successful completion of this course will result in a formal certificate, ensuring the competence to meet the requirements of a mobile forensic examiner. After successfully completion of the Intermediate course, you are now confident and ready for the next level of training, the Specialist and Advanced level training courses.

Options for taking this course:

Instructor-led classroom

Course schedule:

  • Intro to XAMN Spotlight
  • XRY Case Files
  • Service Port Extractions
  • Unsupported Handsets
  • Logical, File System, and Physical Extractions
  • Pin Point & Chip Set Identification
  • Memory Cards and File Systems
  • Introduction to Hex
  • XAMN Source Mode
  • RAM Disk, Bootloaders & Passcodes
  • Generic Dumping & Decoding Smartphones
  • Introduction to XRY Cloud
  • Meta Data
  • Data Hashing
  • GPS Location Data
  • Apple Property Lists (PList) And Android XML Files
  • SQLite Databases
  • Investigating Smartphone Applications
  • Exporting Files and Importing Backups
  • Reporting in XAMN Spotlight
  • Support Tools
  • Assessment
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