Training for frontline users on the basics of mobile forensics

Prerequisite: None
Course length: 1 day

The OnDemand XRY Express Certification (Logical) course is designed for learners who are looking to take the 1-day XRY Express Certification either online or in classroom. This course demonstrates how learners can operate and use the MSAB Kiosk, Tablet, and Express tools, which are ideal for widespread, area forensic deployment for front line staff wishing to carry out on-site mobile extractions. This course introduces users to some of the core principles and concepts of mobile device forensics. It also teaches them how to use the tool’s fully customizable workflow, guiding them through extractions in a controlled, systematic process.

Options for taking this course:

Instructor-led classroom
On-demand online training

Course schedule:

  • Introduction to XRY Express
  • Devices and Digital Evidence
  • Sim Card Extractions
  • Feature Phones
  • Memory Cards
  • Smart Phones Introduction
  • Android Devices
  • Apple iDevices
  • Android Devices
  • Reporting and Analysis

“Mobile device forensics is a science. No matter how easy to use the tool makes things for the operator, the user still needs to understand what the equipment is doing and more importantly why. Evidence requires explanation”

Quote from Training Director

Please contact us at training@msab.com

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Please contact us at training@msab.com

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