Your starting point for mobile forensic training

Pre-requisite: Course Length: Options For Taking This Course:
None 2 Day Classroom
On demand


Your starting point for mobile forensic training

XRY Certification
Course Length:
2 days
Options For Taking This Course:
Instructor-led Classroom
Self-paced Online Training

Course Description:

This is the core certification training that you will need to take in order to make you effective and confident in handling XRY and is the foundation for the next level of forensic courses. We take you through the basics of mobile phone forensic examinations and the necessary principles to recover and preserve data using XRY in the correct manner to ensure safe preservation of data. The course covers all the essentials you will need to get up and running so you can feel confident in your operation of XRY in the early days. The information provided is extensive and covers all aspects of logical examinations of SIM cards, memory cards, feature phones and smartphones, in addition to an introduction to analysis of extracted data using the powerful XAMN Spotlight tool.

This course is an ideal introduction to mobile device forensics, acting as a foundation course for examiners and investigators.  Whether you are new to the industry, or have previous experience, this course is a great way to update skills and knowledge with the latest developments on XRY.  Students will learn the core principles of data recovery and preservation for mobile device examinations, along with numerous techniques in utilizing XRY for data extraction.

Successful completion of this course will result in a formal certificate, ensuring the competence to meet the requirements of a mobile forensic examiner. With the basics covered you will be able to move with confidence to the next levels with our Intermediate and Advanced Training Courses.

Course Description:

The online course contains the same instructional content as the classroom course, with the benefits of no travel and taking the training on your own schedule.  The only difference is that all hands-on exercises, in which students extract data from mobile devices, are replaced with simulations within the online course. Take the course when and where you prefer – it requires a minimum of 16 hours.  Students do not need to have XRY or XAMN software loaded on their own computer.  Everything in the course is simulated – giving students a realistic and accurate user experience that is essentially the same as having XRY software running on your local computer.  You must complete the course within 30 days.

Course Objectives:

Day one:
• Intro to SIM Cards and Mobile Devices
• SIM Cloning & Handset Extractions
• Android Basics
• Common Challenges with Devices

Day two:
• iDevice Basics
• Intro to Location Data
• Triage Setup
• Filters, Quick views & Tagging in Spotlight
• Exporting & Reporting

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