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XAMN TrainingAnalytic Tool Training for Mobile Forensics

XAMN is the new analytical tool designed for users who need to analyse data from multiple mobile devices.

This one day training course is designed to help you make the most of XAMN and quickly get to grips with the product. If you want to learn how to visualize connections between different devices through link analysis, timeline or geographical views, then this training is for you.

This certification training course is designed to introduce you to XAMN, assuming no previous experience and teach you all the fundamental aspects of the product. Users will leave confident about all the features of XAMN and how best to use them in the world of mobile forensic analysis.

XAMN certification training teaches users first-hand through practical exercises and scenarios how to make quicker, faster, more efficient decisions with the aid of visualizing mobile forensic data.

For more information about XAMN please watch the Video >>

Day 1
  • Compile 50 XRY reports
  • Perform Link Analysis
  • Generate Timelines
  • Plot Geo-Data
  • Run Searches & Watch Lists
  • Translate foreign language SMS
  • Create User Added Data
  • Tag Items of Interest
  • Import other forensic files
  • Export Cases