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Prerequisite: None
Course length: 5 days

The five-day course is a complete indoctrination into vehicle forensics investigations. It covers the entire process of identifying, acquiring, and analyzing data from vehicle systems and how to use the iVe Ecosystem in the process.

This course focuses on the full spectrum of vehicle forensics. It is structured to provide investigators with the necessary skills to identify, acquire, and analyze data from vehicle systems using iVe. The course starts with gaining a basic understanding of the available data and quickly moves from theory into practical exercises with vehicle disassembly and system removals.

During the course, each of the vehicle manufacturers and supported systems are covered. Investigators will work though the identification of the vehicles and systems, conduct hands-on acquisitions of the systems, learn troubleshooting techniques as well as learn how to analyze the data from each system. This is an active course with a large portion being hands-on acquisition exercises and practical data analysis exercises. Each part of the course builds on the next, increasing confidence through repetition.

Options for taking this course:

Instructor-led classroom

Course schedule:

  • Introduction into Infotainment & Telematics
  • iVe Walkthrough
  • Best Practices for Handling Data Evidence
  • Location & Removal
  • Practical Exercises
  • Overview of Vehicle Network Types
  • CANBus
  • Ford Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • Practical Exercises
  • GM Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • Onstar Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • Practical Exercises
  • Physical Acquistion Evaluation
  • BMW Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • Mercedes-Benz Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • FCA Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • Practical Exercises
  • Toyota Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • Volkswagen Systems Acquisition & Analysis
  • Hyundia/Kia Acquisition & Analysis
  • Nissan and INFINITI Acquisition & Analysis
  • Practical Exercises
  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam
“I thought this was probably the best training money our firm has spent in years. I like being on the front end of this tech, and as it becomes utilized in crash investigation / reconstruction / litigation – I’m going to be in demand. Thanks for such a great week.”
From Berla iVe training customer

“I feel the course was extremely beneficial. I was very impressed with the instructors knowledge and ability to explain some of the more complicated steps.”

Quote from iVe Vehicle Forensics Feedback

“Huge success! The best training I’ve ever had. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

Quote from iVe Vehicle Forensics Feedback

“I believe this course was very successful. I learned things about vehicles retaining information that I never thought it (they) could do. The training was very beneficial and I can’t wait to get back to my agency and actually try to put this to use.”

Quote from iVe Vehicle Forensics Feedback
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