The highest level of knowledge in mobile forensics

Pre-requisite: Course Length: Options For Taking This Course:
XRY Intermediate 5 days Classroom


The highest level of knowledge in mobile forensics

Course Length:
5 days
Options For Taking This Course:
Instructor-led Classroom

Course Description:

This training course takes you to the highest levels of knowledge and understanding for mobile forensics. It is designed to be taken after successful completion of the other XRY training courses and will mean you have reached our highest possible level of education. The AAA course covers everything you need to know in order to decode smartphone data, utilize Python to analyze the contents and find the wealth of deleted information in smartphone apps and their databases. The course covers all elements of knowledge required to recover, decode, and reverse engineer apps to decrypt encrypted files stored in the handset and explore the hidden SQL & PList data on modern smartphones. This is a fast growing and rapidly changing area of mobile forensics which will only grow with importance in the future. So getting the knowledge now will give you a real advantage.

The Advanced App Analysis course has been put together by professional trainers who know exactly what examiners need to learn in order to be self-sufficient in the decryption and decoding of apps. By the end of day 5, you will be proficient in app analysis and have achieved the highest level of training MSAB offers.

Course Objectives:

• Basic App Analysis
• SQLite Data Types
• PLists
• Building & Modifying SQLite Databases

• SQLite Database Structures
• Page Headers, Freeblocks & Freelists
• Rebuilding Databases w/ Freelist Pages

• Write Ahead Log
• Intro to Python
• Strings
• Math
• Variables
• Python in XACT
• Functions
• Lists & Tuples
• Dictionaries
• For Loops

• Conditional Statements
• File I/O
• Datatime Module
• PListlib Module
• SQLite 3 Module
• Objects & Classes
• Adding Data to XRY
• XACT Python API

• App Parsing Practical I
• App Parsing Practical II
• Final Practical
• Assessment & Closure

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