Training for Frontline Users on the Basics of Mobile Forensics

The Kiosk and Tablet are frontline forensic tools designed for users where mobile data recovery is just one part of their responsibilities.

With touch screen interfaces both tools are designed to quickly and easily recover data from mobile devices for non-specialized staff.

Whilst they are simple to use, recent court cases have demonstrated that the need for effective training of personnel is vital so that they can explain their actions in court. Hard won evidence can easily be rejected by courts simply due to the inability of the officer to effectively explain either how the technology works, whether the extraction process was operated properly and whether the software is known to be reliable. This is where formal training on Kiosk & Tablet will pay dividends ensuing that staff know how to use the equipment to the best of their abilities.

XRY Tablet frontWe offer training on these solutions for both standard users and Administrators to ensure that you maximize your return on investment. A typical training course would cover a 2 day period with day 1 dedicated to the set up and workflows of the Kiosk tailored to the needs of the organization and training of the Administrators. Day 2 of the course would then deliver the core training on mobile forensics knowledge to standard users.

» Kiosk & Tablet Training Sheet

“The trainer has been first class. A laid back but informative approach and willing to help and explain further when required. A good balance of information/coursework together practical hands on experience.”
Student Feedback, XRY Kiosk Training

Day 1

  • Administrator Training Day & Installation
  • Workflow Procedures
  • Administrator Functions
  • Password and User Profiles
  • General Procedures for Standard Users

Day 2

  • Introduction to Mobile Forensics
  • Equipment Overview
  • SIM Cards & Cloning
  • Memory Cards
  • Handsets
  • Smartphones Acquisitions
  • Reports, Search & XRY Reader
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