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Learn to carry out comprehensive link-analysis and visualizations across multiple extraction data sets

Prerequisite: None
Course length: 1 days

XAMN Horizon is MSAB’s powerful analytical tool for easily carrying out complex link analysis for large numbers of devices, reviewing multiple device activities on comprehensive timeline views, identifying key evidence and intelligence through in-built mapping tools for geo-location data, and even ingesting call data records from external sources. Learn to utilise the full range of functions within XAMN Horizon and become certified in complex, multi-device data analysis.

You will learn first-hand through practical exercises and scenarios how to make quicker, faster, more efficient decisions with the aid of visualizing mobile forensic data. You’ll learn how to compare data extraction from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices regardless of when and how they were extracted. XAMN Horizon works seamlessly to allow you to drag and drop files straight into the XAMN Horizon graphical user interface to start analyzing data in greater detail, faster than ever before. You will learn to use the watch list and search function, import other forensic tool reports, import call data records and tag & include user added data.

Options for taking this course:

Instructor-led classroom
Instructor-led online
Self-paced online

Course schedule:

  • Intro to XAMN
  • Case View / List View
  • Connections
  • Timelines
  • Geographic
  • Conversation
  • Search, Report, Import and Export
  • Closure & Assessment

“Awesome class with an awesome instructor. Lessons were clear and easy to learn because of the instructor and many hands-on exercises.”

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Please contact us at training@msab.com

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