The Highest Level of Knowledge in Mobile Forensics

Are you interested in taking your knowledge of smartphone forensics higher than ever before?

The AAA course is our brand new Certification Training course designed for professionals who need to know everything there is to know about Apps. Eventually you will come across a situation where you need to decrypt data from an app that is not supported and this course shows you how to do it.

The Advanced App Analysis course has been put together by a team of professional full time trainers who know exactly what examiners need to be taught in order to make them self-sufficient in the decryption and decoding of apps. The course is five days long and by the end of day 5 you will be proficient in app analysis and have acheived the highest level of training MSAB now offers.

The course covers all elements of knowledge required to recover, decode, decrypt and explore the hidden SQL & PList data on modern smartphones. We show you how to utilize Python to
analyze the contents and  find the wealth of hidden information in smartphone apps and their databases.

The high level of the Advanced Apps Analysis Course curriculum requires all attendees to have passed both the XRY Certification and Intermediate courses before attending.

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“Hugely informative, well aimed and balanced course. Presented with the genuine passion and knowledge, that has become the MSAB training trademark. An excellent resource for the advanced examiner.”
Student Feedback, Adv Apps Analysis Training
“Although the course was intense the subject matter was covered well. Taking into account the amount of knowledge gained I would highly recommend this course.”
Student Feedback, Adv Apps Analysis Training, 2015

Day 1

  • Intro to Apps
  • SQL Data Structures
  • App Data Storage
  • App Practical
  • Hands-on App Practicals

Day 2

  • Creating SQLite Databases
  • Rebuilding Databases
  • Rebuild Database Exercises

Day 3

  • Intro to Python
  • Python Math Operators
  • Python Variables
  • Python Lists & Tuples
  • Python Loops
  • File Output
  • Modules Datetime SQLite3
  • Python Practical

Day 4

  • XACT Python API & Help File
  • Adding Data to XRY Report
  • Python Dictionaries
  • Multi-Table Databases
  • Python App Practicals

Day 5

  • Android SDK
  • Android App Reverse Engineering
  • Reverse Engineer Encrypted App
  • Group Exercise
  • Assessment & Closure