Learn New Ways to Extract Data from Mobile Devices

This course focuses on the extraction and recovery of data via JTAG and Chip Off methods, and the use of Python to decode the recovered data.

This practical knowledge is invaluable when automatic dumping and decoding is no longer an option. Advanced Acquisition is the next natural step after completion of the XRY Certification and Intermediate courses.

As the more advanced training course, this class is four days long and covers all elements of knowledge required to maximize your productivity and expertise. If you have been using XRY for quite some time and want to demonstrate excellence in the recovery of mobile data; then the XRY Advanced Acquisition Certification Training Course is for you.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use alternative methods to extract mobile device data and import it into XRY. You will understand how dates and times are stored, and explore different encoding schemes used on mobile devices. You will learn how to reverse engineer and decode encoded data, as well as write Python scripts to automate tasks in XRY and expand XRY’s capability.

The advanced nature of this course curriculum requires that all attendees have passed both the XRY Certification and Intermediate Courses before attending.

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“I thought the training course was excellent and the information obtained will allow me the enhance my department’s ability to extract data from more devices.”
Police Officer, Memphis Police Dept.
“Trainer was an excellent instructor with an exceptionally good knowledge of mobile phones and XRY. One of the best courses I have been involved with. The course content, structure and pace are fine as they are.”
Student Feedback, Advanced Acquisition Training, 2015

Day 1

  • Advanced Extraction Methods
  • JTAG RIFF Android
  • JTAG Other Boxes Android
  • JTAG RIFF Windows
  • EMMC Extraction
  • Chip-off

Day 2

  • Hex Refresh
  • Endianess
  • Time Epochs
  • Signed Integrers
  • Delta Sync
  • RegEx
  • Binary Images Examination & Analysis
  • Importing JTAG Images
  • Importing Chip-Off Images

Day 3

  • Intro to Python
  • Python Math Operators
  • Python Variables
  • Python Lists & Tuples
  • Python Loops
  • XACT Data structures
  • File Output
  • Modules re, struct, datetime
  • Adding Data to the XRY Report
  • Automating Tasks with Python

Day 4

  • Advanced Android
  • ADB
  • Rooting
  • Swipe PIN Decoding
  • USB Disabled Devices
  • DD & Nanddump
  • Group Exercise
  • Assessment & Closure