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XRY Restricted

Sales of XRY are required to comply with international export controls. As a responsible business we only sell to recognized Law Enforcement, Military and Government Departments. In addition we can supply private sector businesses where they demonstrate a legitimate business need.

In order that we can control the powerful decryption technology there is a separate “restricted” license module in XRY. We need to issue this as an additional license element on your XRY License before you have the maximum capability of the software at your disposal.

You can still use the majority of the features in XRY without the “restricted” element of the license. Specifically advanced decryption for smartphones and apps will be limited.

Whilst in the majority of occasions we do not anticipate any problems; please be aware that a “restricted” license is not automatically guaranteed to all customers.  On some occasions we may need to refer your request to relevant authorities for a final decision. In all such circumstances we will ensure that we keep you updated of what is going on.

We are committed to acting with integrity in business and respecting international law. This is our contribution to making the world a safer place by not supplying powerful technology to nation states where international sanctions have been put in place.