Project Description


New Features Include

  • 39 new App versions added in this micro-release
  • New support for decoding WhatsApp:
    Crypt9, Crypt10, Crypt11 and Crypt12 files
  • Improved recovery of deleted data from SQL databases
  • Option to select image resolution quality for XRY Camera
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XRY 7.0.1

XRY v7.0.1 is the first of our new micro-releases, to help you get improved mobile device support faster than ever. In a rapidly changing world, speed of support is essential.

We have updated and improved XRY v7.0 and included support for 39 new app versions, added support for recent WhatsApp encrypted databases and improved the ability to identify deleted records from SQLite databases.

Listening to customer feedback we have also now added an option for the selection of XRY Camera image resolution. Users will now be able to select higher image qualities within the XRY user interface screen, to allow users to access the full potential of this powerful HD Camera.

» Download micro-release notes for more details

  • XRY v7.0 Start
  • XRY v7.0 Case Overview
  • XRY v7.0 Camera