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MSAB Raven – Rapid access to digital evidence for all frontline personnel

When frontline responders face critical incidents, gaining access to digital evidence from the witnesses, victims and suspects within the first hours of an operation is crucial. When lives are on the line, time is critical. Lost time can lead to additional casualties or not apprehending a suspect.

Digital evidence captured from the public at the scene of an incident, with consent-based authorization, can provide crucial insights in the first few critical hours. Naturally, many witnesses don’t want to surrender their mobile phones and be without them for weeks waiting for a digital forensic specialist investigation to be completed. Finding a way to capture vital clues, without penalizing the very people who want to help means finding a way to rapidly access, recover and secure footage and images at the scene.

On-the-Spot Access to Digital Evidence and Intel

This is where Raven comes into its own. Instead of dispatching forensic specialists to the scene in the hope of collating digital evidence after the event, imagine if every frontline responder on duty at the scene was also equipped with powerful lightweight technology that meant there was no need for delay in evidence gathering.

Raven is that powerful technology. An innovative portable Android App based solution for immediate digital evidence acquisition and analysis at street level. It can be used with minimal training implications and functions on existing standard smartphone technology already deployed to avoid the need for extra equipment.

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