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Speed up your operations and manage your team from a central control point. XEC is the leading management software for visibility and control.


Improve your team’s efficiency. Speed up your operations. Gain visibility and control.

As mobile forensic solutions grow in scale and complexity, it can be challenging, whilst using mobile forensic tools in multiple locations, to maintain consistent processes and manage team collaborations from a single vantage point. But with XEC from MSAB, you can accomplish this.

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What’s new in XEC

This release introduces some exciting enhancements to XEC Director 7.8.

Seven reasons to choose XEC over other digital forensic tools

Why would you choose XEC over other mobile forensic tools?

  • Enable the seamless distribution of data between users, locations, departments and other agencies.
  • Streamline processes and enforce policies.
  • Be confident that your network and communications are secure from an IT security standpoint.
  • Ensure the integrity and proper management of your digital evidence.


  • Easily provide remote assistance and update the mobile forensic software on all your computers from a central control point.
  • Speed up your access to data and reduce administrative overhead costs.
  • Optimize your team performance, track key goals and generate the reports you need.

XEC Director

Take control over your mobile forensic operations

XEC Director is a centralized management solution that lets you manage your team and connect all your MSAB mobile forensic extraction tools into a single network. Read more about XEC Director.

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XEC Export

Large scale XRY files exporting made easy

XEC Export is an innovative standalone tool from MSAB, specifically designed for users who need batch export capability for multiple XRY files. Read more about XEC Export.

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A centralized digital forensic solution for managers

The number of people working with digital evidence is increasing and that evidence is distributed to a wider group of users. Simon Crawley, a former Police Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police, faced a number of difficulties during his service; to control and access data between users, locations, departments and other agencies.

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Agencies must ensure the work they do is compliant with standards and can be defended in court. In my experience, there are many benefits to having XEC help senior managers track who’s doing what and where, lead their teams from a central point, reduce administration costs, collect utilization insights and generate more detailed and insightful custom reports.

 Simon Crawley
– Global Project Manager, MSAB – Formerly with the Metropolitan (London) Police

Sitting with XEC in one central location, there were huge savings to be made in time and efficiency.

Simon Crawley
– Global Project Manager, MSAB – Formerly with the Metropolitan (London) Police

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