Robbers caught taking pictures on phones

Teenage robbers who raided garage caught after saving pictures of their loot on a mobile phone


Three teenage robbers put themselves in the frame by taking pictures of themselves with their loot on a mobile phone - and even using one damning photo as a screensaver.

The boys - two aged 16 and one 17 - had thought they had got away with their armed raid at a 24-hour service station after disguising themselves with hoodies and scarves and turning their coats inside out.

But a police raid on their homes found the mobile phone containing the incriminating pictures. 

Today, Det Sgt Paul Copplestone of Greater Manchester Police said: 'We had very very good circumstantial evidence as well as the phones.

'We found they had been using the phones to use taxis in that vicinity on the morning of the raid and the pictures we found of one of them with the money which was a bit of a nail in the coffin.'

The police also traced the date and time of the photos to just after the offence.

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