XRY Product Recommendations

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers

Sometimes in the overwhelm of marketing messages it becomes hard to make sense of what products will best suit your needs.

We understand the problem and we know that when you are looking to choose a mobile forensics solution, good independent advice is always valued.

That's why we would like to bring your attention to our: 
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At the time of writing this blog entry we just spotted that over 20 professionals in the digital forensics industry have very kindly volunteered to recommend XRY.

If you want independent input from colleagues in the same industry, then this is a great starting point when considering if XRY is suitable for your needs.

I would like to stress that these recommendations are entirely voluntary and nobody has been offered or received any inducement from MSAB to provide them. In fact the individual's professional reputations on LinkedIn are there for all to see if you want to discover more about them.

I should also point out that none of them are resellers or trainers connected to Micro Systemation; all of them are genuine paying customers who liked our product so much that they left us a recommendation. 

If you are doing a comparison with others in the industry ask yourself how many people on their recommendation lists are actually independent of the manufacturer?

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