Android Pass Code

Android - extract data without entering the pass code?

XRY may still work for you...

Our development team have been busy researching the Android operating system and we found an interesting feature we thought you might like to know about.

It turns out that if USB debugging mode is turned on, then XRY can extract data from the device without the need to enter the device passcode/pattern.

This also works on rooted devices and it’s even possible to root a locked device as long as USB debugging is turned on. We have tested XRY and it connects fine and downloads all the data, before you enter the code. This works for both android v1.5 and v2.2, so it should also work for all the versions in between.

But before you get too excited - this only works if USB debugging is enabled. If that is not switched on then you still have a problem. So if you do have a live android device, please enable USB debugging before it is switched off.  That way it won’t make any difference if the code is set when it comes to examining the Android device at a later date.

In summary this little nugget of information is going to be most effective when you have immediate access to the phone, before it locks and before the phone is switched off or the battery runs out. Also it may not be possible in every case; if the android phone has a screen lock (like a password screen saver) then you may not be able to get into the phone to change the USB debugging settings.

And finally please ensure that you have the full legal rights to undertake this type of examination of course!