XRY recovers deleted pictures on phone

Forensic experts in Germany find evidence that incriminates suspect.

Forensic experts using XRY/XACT were able to recover already deleted pictures on the phone of a Physiotherapist in Germany. These images incriminated the suspect.

Gerichtsexperten konnten mit Hilfe von XRY/XACT die bereits gelöschten Bilder auf dem Mobiltelefon sicherstellen. Diese Bilder belasteten den Beschuldigten schwer!

Read more here (German)

Python & Export Changes

v6.11 Changes to Python, Excel, XML export


New properties have been added to XACT’s python scripts. The following classes have new properties added to them:

- Chat
- Contact
- File
- Installed Apps
- Location
- Note
- Status
- Update
- Web


EXPORT Changes

In v6.11 we have introduced a new way of presenting both XML and Excel export. This enhancement to enable customers to have a faster overview of the report.

For more information on either of these topics you can now download documentation from the customer portal here >>

Join us at HTCIA Asia Chapter Conference

3-5 December 2014, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel

Join MSAB at the HTCIA Asia Pacific Training Conference this year.

It is an event for those in law enforcement and private industry who investigate high technology crime. One of the most important conferences in the industry for Asia, this event offers a mix of pertinent content and opportunities for extensive networking amongst peers alike.

At HTCIA you will be able to see the latest versions of our products and participate in a workshop led by our trainer Martin Westman. The topic of the workshop is decrypting data in smartphones.

Learn more about the conference here

Welcome to XRY Viewer

Our latest app to make it easier than ever to review XRY files

MSAB has just launched XRY Viewer.

This new application has been purpose built and designed to help those customers who want something portable, easy to use and that doesn't require any installation permissions or dependencies to work.

The Viewer is less than 2MB and works without needing to be installed onto a Windows OS computer and for the first time it allows users the ability to sort all of the data in chronological order to help generate a timeline.

As modern mobile device extractions just keep getting bigger and bigger these days (32GB is common) - it becomes unrealistic and impractical to print such reports or even navigate PDF export files. Especially with video and multimedia files it makes sense to be able to review and play the files as they were originally intended, in their native format. Viewer makes this possible for a much wider audience than ever before.

Viewer is free to distribute by customers to authorized third parties like prosecutors or intelligence analysts who may need to review XRY files, without having any previous familiarity of using the product.

You can select different both logical and physical extractions together and view combined­ file categories to help sort all the data by a variety of different data types to help understanding quicker than ever.

For more information please visit the Viewer Page on our website here >>

Devices remotely wiped in police custody

The details about how mobiles were wiped are not clear

All the data on some of the tablets and phones seized as evidence is being wiped out, remotely, while they are in police custody.

Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Durham police all told BBC News handsets had been remotely "wiped". And Dorset police said this had happened to six of the seized devices it had in custody, within one year.

The technology used was designed to allow owners to remove sensitive data from their phones if they are stolen.

Asked whether the police felt that the issue had damaged their investigation, the spokeswoman said: "We don't know because we don't know what was on the phone."

For more on this story please visit the original article here >>

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